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Student-Contributed Wiki

Wiki met studentenbijdrage

Een fantastische student van ons educatieprogramma heeft deze wiki gemaakt. Deze wordt niet bijgehouden door het team van iFixit.

HP Compaq Presario CQ62-214nr Troubleshooting

Computer Will Not Power On

The laptop will not respond or show any sign of powering up

Faulty Power Adapter

Check to make sure the power adapter is plugged in. If it is, make sure the light on the adapter is on. If the light is not on, and the adapter is plugged in, then the adapter may be faulty. Consider purchasing a replacement adapter.

Faulty Battery

Unplug the power cord and remove the battery from the back of laptop. Then hold the power button for 60 seconds. After connecting to a power supply, try to switch on the laptop. Finally put the battery back into the laptop.

Black Screen When Computer is On

The laptop is powered on but the monitor does not display anything

Faulty/Damaged LCD

Attach the laptop to an external monitor. If the external monitor comes on, there might be something wrong with your LCD. Could be the cable, the inverter or the LCD panel itself.

Damaged Motherboard

Attach the laptop to an external monitor. If the external monitor does not come on, you are having issues with your video card, which is an integrated part of your motherboard. You can use this guide to replace your motherboard.

Caps Lock Failure

Caps lock button does not respond when pressing it

Faulty Keyboard

If the entire keyboard fails to respond, try replacing it with this guide.

Other Components

Numerous components need to check including battery, power adapter, CPU, memory, system board, depending on how many blinks the caps lock blink.

Windows Programs are not Opening

The laptop is turn on but windows is not running

Faulty Drivers

Check for updates for the drivers or reinstall drivers on laptop. Using the systems restore setting can revert the drivers back to the previous state.

Laptop Will Not Connect to a Wireless Device

Laptop does not connect to any wireless device while it is on

Chipset Driver

Make sure your wireless is On, download and reinstall the Chipset driver with this link here. After that restart your laptop and see if it works.

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