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Een fantastische student van ons educatieprogramma heeft deze wiki gemaakt. Deze wordt niet bijgehouden door het team van iFixit.

Dell Inspiron 17R-N7010 troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose any of the following problems you may experience with the Dell Inspiron 17R-N7010.

Device Operating at Low Speeds

The device runs too slow to operate.

Hard drive is near capacity

Your computer may be using up too much RAM and/or may have too much space taken up that is required to update the computer. Try and close all applications that are open or uses the background cache. Try and delete some of your older applications that you don't use.

The computer may be infected

There may be a virus on your computer or your antivirus software is using up more space than it should. Use your antivirus software to see if there are any viruses on your computer.


The device gets too hot and shuts down after a while.

Thermal events

The computer may be overheating due to an overuse of processing power. Press F2 to access the system setup tab. Then click system event log and enter. Highlight and enter thermal events. Finally press the escape key twice to exit and restart your computer.

Fan not working properly

The fan may not be working do to it being clogged up with dust or the fan may be ineffective. The fan may be unresponsive and need to be replaced. To fix this follow the fan replacement guide.

Vents may be clogged

Your vents may be clogged with dust and needs to be removed get a can of compressed air and blow the dust out at an angle, never blow the dust straight in to the computer.

Keyboard Unresponsive

The keyboard may not function due to hardware issues.

Keyboard not responding

If none of the keys are working, try the onscreen keyboard located in your computer and accessories tab. If the digitally displayed keys are irresponsive, then the issue is a hardware issue. If the digitally displayed keys are responsive, the keyboard may be physically damaged or may be experiencing sticky keys.

Keyboard not functioning at all

The port that the keyboard is plugged into may have dislodged and needs to be plugged back in. The problem is an internal one and in order to fix this issue you will need to take the computer apart to get to the keyboard.

Battery Drains/Ineffective Charging

The battery might not be charging properly or is draining fast.

The battery may need to be discharged

The battery may need to be discharged. Unplug your computer from the charger. If your computer turns off instantly the issue is a hardware problem, requiring the battery to be replaced. If it doesn’t turn off, turn your computers brightness all the way up to discharge the battery faster. Once the laptop turns off let it sit for approximately thirty minutes, then plug your laptop until it reaches 20% charge. If the issue persists the problem is a hardware issue and the battery will need to be replaced.

The charger/battery may be ineffective

The charger of the battery may need to be replaced. Take out the battery but leave the computer plugged in. If the computer continues to run smooth, than it is a battery issue. Take out the charger but put the battery back in and see how fast the battery drains before plugging it back in to the charger.

Touchpad Issues

The touch pad may not be functioning properly.

The touchpad may be Irresponsive

The touchpad may not be responding at all, because it is disabled under the search and options tab. Make sure it is turned off, to then retype your username and password and perform a system restore. After the restoration you will need to do the same steps to turn the touchpad back on.

Touchpad may be disconnected

The touchpad may have gotten disconnected and may need to be reconnected.

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