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Canon Optura 100MC Troubleshooting

Camcorder won't turn on

No matter what you do, your camcorder won't turn on.

Switch is in the off position

Make sure the switch is in the on position. The camcorder's on/off switch needs to be turned to on.

Battery is not inside the device

If the on/off switch is on and the camcorder still is not powered up then check if the battery is in the camcorder. Without a power source, the camcorder cannot turn on. The battery may either be loose in its compartment or missing completely. If you see that the battery is inside its compartment, try removing the battery then placing it back in.

Battery is not charged

If you have tried all of the above and your camcorder still will not turn on then the battery may need to be charged. If the battery is out of power, allow it to charge for 4-6 hours before replacing it in the camcorder.

Battery needs replacing

If you have tried everything else and the camcorder still is not working then you have a dead battery and it needs to be replaced. You can replace it with a TechFuel BP-511_43 rechargeable battery.

Tape won't eject

The tape that is inside of the camcorder cannot be ejected.

Camcorder is not on

Make sure that the power is on and the battery is charged. If the camcorder does not have power then the motor that opens the tape compartment will no work.

Motor needs replacing

If the camera is on and the compartment housing the tape will not open, the motor may need to be replaced. The motor has either been burnt out or has an internal jam. Either way the motor will need to be replaced if you want your tape to eject.

Tape is being eaten

The camcorder won't release the tape that is in the deck.

Rollers need cleaning

The feed rollers may be dirty and not running smoothly. If there is dirty or any other foreign substance on the feed rollers then they will not grasp the tape correctly. This may cause the rollers to tear the tape. Clean the rollers with a q-tip to prevent this. Do NOT use water or any liquid to clean inside the device.

Rollers need replacing

If cleaning the feed rollers does not solve the tape-eating problem, they are most likely worn down and need replacing. A worn down feed roller will not be able to turn the tape correctly, which can result in a back-up of the tape.

Battery will not hold a charge

Camcorder functions only when plugged in.

Battery needs replacing

If the camcorder works when plugged into the socket but turns off when unplugged, then the battery is dead and must be replaced. In this case the socket, not the battery, is providing all the power to the camcorder. The battery has either been burnt out or damaged in some other way. Either way there is no way to fix it so it needs to be replaced.

Zoom does not work

The camera cannot zoom properly or at all.

Camera is on the wrong setting

Check to make sure that the camera is on a setting capable of the zoom function. If it is not then change the setting to one that is able to zoom.

Zoom toggle is disconnected

If the camcorder is on a setting that allows you to zoom but it is still not zooming, then the zoom toggle may have been disconnected. If this happens, the connection needs to be reestablished or the switch may need replacing. You will not be able to tell which it is until you are inside the camcorder.

If the switch has just been disconnected then reconnect it.

If the switch is broken or not functioning then it will need to be replaced.

Playback has noise or a blank screen

The screen shows graininess or nothing at all.

Memory card or tape is not in camcorder

If there is no memory card or tape in the camcorder, the screen will appear blue. The camcorder will not be able to record anything without a place to store the information. Insert the correct memory card or tape and continue filming.

Video heads are dirty

If video appears grainy or noisy, then the video head is most likely dirty. It should be gently cleaned with a cotton ball and a small amount of water.

LCD needs replacing

If the camera is on but the screen remains black, then there is something wrong with the LCD screen. The LCD is not showing the proper image because it has been damaged internally in some way. The LCD screen will need to be replaced.

"Remove the Cassette" warning appears

The camcorder has stopped working and it is advising you to remove the cassette.

Damaged or bad tape

The camcorder may not be able to read the tape correctly. Try replacing the tape with a new one and continue filming.


If the camcorder detects condensation it will stop working as a safety percaution. Take out the tape and allow an hour for it to dry before use. In extreme cases the condensation may have ruined the tape. After letting the camcorder dry out, try replacing the tape with a new one.

Impact Damage

If the camcorder has recently been dropped or has hit a hard surface then the tape drive may have been misaligned. First try taking out the tape and replacing it with a new one. If that doesnt work you may have to fix or replace a drive component.

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