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Who am I?

My name is Paul Duarte. I am a graduate of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, with a Master of Arts in Professional Writing. I was a part of iFixit for my technical writing class and even taught the project to students of my own. Now, I'm an Associate Sales Proposal Writer at PTC in Boston, Massachusetts.


I was a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where I earned my Master of Arts in Professional Writing in 2015. In this program, I learned techniques of rhetoric, business communication, technical communication, along with specific production skills from programs like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Also, I learned to communicate with different types of audiences, which enhanced my adaptability in my writing.

I graduated from Central Connecticut State University in May 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. During my final semester, I took a technical writing course, where I discovered a way to put my analytical, editing, grammar, and organizational skills to help others understand ideas outside their field of knowledge. I was the only non-engineering in the class and I did not feel pressured at all; I enjoyed the class and put in great effort to succeed. The class also sparked an interest in the technical writing field.

Prior to my undergraduate years, I graduated from Rocky Hill High School in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, in June 2008.

Teaching Fellow

In addition to being a graduate student, I also taught at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth as a graduate teaching fellow. I taught business communication and technical communication to undergraduate students. I have taught the students not only techniques for writing their cover letters and resumes, but also to understand their audience and write from their point of view to effectively convey the message. When I taught technical communication, I used the techniques I learn during my time with iFixit in my lessons.

Career Goals

I've been a technical writer and knowledge coordinator since July 2015. I like taking complex ideas and breaking them down for others to understand, and presenting them to different audiences. I have a great eye for detail so I can be specific as possible and catch any mistakes that are made during the writing process. The iFixit project was my first major step in the field. I am a member of the Society for Technical Communication, where I keep up with the latest trends are in the technical communication trade, and to attend special events. In January 2017, I became President of the New England Chapter, after serving as Vice President the previous year.

Now, I want to migrate to Employee Communications and Engagement, where I can use my presentation and information organization skills to inform employees of my company’s events, programs and news so they can become properly informed and engaged in the company’s activities and culture.


1999 Toyota Corolla VE

I inherited my first car from my grandmother in 2006, when she was no longer able to safely operate an automobile. She was literally a Sunday driver, so after the winter of 2006-2007, where it sat on my driveway, my father and I spent the first few months bringing the car back to working order. We replaced the old fluids with new ones and recharged the battery to resurrect the car. My dad and I have maintained the car together until I handed it down to my sister in September 2015, when I bought my Volkswagen Golf.

  • Body Work
    • We also have done body work to the car after the right front fender was dented in 2009. I accidentally struck a garbage can on the side of the road, which dented the side of the fender so that the passenger side door would not open. I ordered a patterned part, had it painted, and my dad and I fitted it ourselves.
  • Road Trips
    • I occasionally take long distance road trips to test the limits of my more than decade-old car and to explore new locales. I have driven as far north as the Canadian Border, as far south as the Jersey Shore, and through the backwoods of New Hampshire. The car has held up each time and has never let me down, showing that the extensive care I give to my car pays off.


  • I collect old coins, paper money, board games, and video games. Each of item in one of my collections tells a particular story and reflects the time period where it was made. I love the beauty of the coins and the paper money, and I like how fun and challenging the games are to play.


  • I enjoy taking pictures of places I've visited on vacation or on a road trip, and when I attend car shows. I like to capture shots that showcase a subject's best visual attributes and displays it as a memory of my experiences. I have used a decade-old Olympus point-and-shoot cameras before, along with the camera on my iPod Touch.