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A photo of flowers from a recent camping trip!

Hello, my name is Sarah LeClair! I attend the University of Rhode Island and major in Natural Resource Economics with a double minor in Math and Political Science. I chose this because I want to go into the nonprofit humanitarian fields and become a journalist, in order to help others and make a difference in the world.

I’m incredibly determined and adept at math and writing skills that aid me in work projects. In the past I’ve worked on a lot of different computer engineering projects, such as building robots from an Arduino or coding games for young kids to play with.

I have experience fixing things around my house, because I am the most “tech savy” person in my family. So I am used to fixing the wifi, mechanical objects, furniture, and the like.

I have been given various school awards, accolades, and prizes. In college, I have been given a full ride to the University of Rhode Island through scholarships as well. Within my school and personal life I belong to various environmental advocacy groups, and I like to go outside, hike, and rock climb.

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A photo of my dog Bear on a hike with me!

I am looking to go into a nonprofit field that requires technical writing for grant applications, and journalistic ethical writing. This project will give me experience with both and allow me to gain professional credentials.

Fun Fact I can sing the entire every element on the periodic table!

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