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Hello, My name is Dorsa Akrami

  • School:

I am currently an undergraduate at York University.

  • Major:

Information technology, I chose this major because I simply enjoy studying a subject related to technology. Nowadays, we are surrounded by technology, and somehow we all are dependent on it. The technology industry is growing as you read my profile, and I believe it won’t stop until it becomes an essential thing in people’s lives.

  • Aspirations:

My main goal is to graduate and start my IT career, and hopefully, I can be part of the change that the future’s technology is going to create.

  • Projects/ accomplishments: 

I have won the school competition in building the best bridge using ice cream sticks in grade 8. I have even won a robotic competition at my school in which we were supposed to program a robot to follow a particular path and pass the obstacles. In grade 12, I have won first place in the Rube Goldberg machine competition.

  • Repair experience:

I was always interested in fixing computer products and building them. I recently started making and fixing home products.

  • Accolades:

 I have won 2 awards in horseback riding, won 1 medal in skating, and 3 in swimming. I even have won a couple of awards in High school over volleyball.

  • Membership:

I am currently a member of a fit4less gym.

  • Hobbies:

 I spend most of my day learning new things on the internet. I also watch TV series, read 30 pages of books every day, and go to the gym.

  • How does this project relate to me: 

This project has helped me remember my goals, and by answering these questions, it made me realize how far I am to my goal and motivated me to try harder for what I want in the future.

  • Fun facts:
    • I have been a horseback rider for over eight years
    • Played volleyball for five years
    • Lived and studied in 3 different countries (Iran, United Arab Emirates, and Canada)