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Hello! My name is Trent Hiner and I am a junior and prospective IT major enrolled a the University of Washington Tacoma!

I would love to work with computers in my future: troubleshooting, diagnosing, and fixing issues both of the hardware and software variety. I love computers! And I would love to learn how to better diagnose and fix various issues with them!

I have a variety of skills from the various jobs and interests I have:

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  • Good with technology
  • Computer hardware assemble, troubleshooting, and maintenance skills
  • Customer service
  • Experience with Python, Java, HTML, and CSS languages
  • Hardworking and forward-thinking

Here’s a picture of one of the three PC’s I have built thus far!

I am currently employed as an Apprentice Field Service Technician at Clarity Window Services which operates daily to repair and replace damaged, faulty, and deteriorating windows and window products. As a daily issue I solve, this is where my idea for my FastFix repair project arose. My project aims to guide users to replace faulty or damaged window pane units of sliding windows (sashes as we call them) on their own!


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  • Video games
  • Exercise
  • Gardening
  • PC building
  • Playing with my cats

One of my goofy cats making a goofy face!