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Currently I am a fourth-year industrial & manufacturing engineering student at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly). Our core focus stems from a learn-by-doing atmosphere with attention and emphasis on the fundamentals behind lean manufacturing, process improvement, data management, and system optimization. Class projects have afforded me the opportunity to apply process improvement tools, such as direct time studies, work sampling studies, ergonomics, and root cause analyses to a production issue within a local business.

This past summer I had the opportunity to work as a manufacturing engineering intern for SAFRAN to produce high quality interior cabins for the aerospace industry. I worked directly with floor personnel to increase the throughput of overhead storage bins for the Airbus 220 Jetliner. My main project mitigated the loss of hand tools on the production line in order to reduce costs and increase productivity. After increasing productivity I communicated cost savings to stakeholders.

I am currently the product/project manager for a multidisciplinary team of engineers in a computer engineering capstone project. The product we are developing is an in ground water sensor targeted towards homeowners and landscape companies. Through meetings with our sponsor, a previous Shark Tank investor, we have teased out insights necessary to develop basic requirements for our consumer electronic. After conducting further targeted research and assessing competitor advantages we created a functioning alpha prototype. We presented the alpha prototype to our client and received feedback for use in upcoming development.