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I’m Peyton, and am currently a junior at Eastern Washington University, with a major in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). I also have minors in anthropology and Japanese as well, both of which I enjoy greatly. As far as interests go, I like to both write and read poetry when I’ve got nothing else going on, but I also like to get outside and walk or mountain bike often. I also frequently play video games with my friends - something I value greatly, especially during these self-isolation times.

I take particular joy in being able to fix something myself, so it’s important for me to learn how a product works - as well as being able to have a solution for most of the problems I or others might come across. I’m hoping I’ll be able to contribute to various iFixit articles, allowing others to both save money by fixing items themselves, and to help reduce the amount of waste and pollution generated by the vast amount of items discarded which could otherwise be repaired.