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How many of you have ever stopped and asked yourselves if what you are doing to better your lifestyle, whether it may be furthering your education, joining a trade school, culinary arts, or simply working a 9-5, is worth it? Is it the right or wrong thing to do? The thing is their is no right or wrong in a choice you take upon yourself to do what you enjoy doing. If one is content in the lifestyle they have going for themselves then that’s what truly matters most. My name is Ricardo Estrada and I am a junior here at Eastern Washington University. I am currently pursuing my bachelors in business management, I have been at EWU since fall of 2018 I plan on graduating by 2022. Other subjects I have studied while at eastern have been accounting, online security management and business law. A few skills I consider being some strong points to help me with ifixit are my abilities in research and development, my communication skills, and being able to get my point of view understood. A few hobbies I partake in would be hiking, fishing, reading and watching/hearing intellectual podcasts. I enjoy learning and would one day hope to be able to pass on my knowledge to someone else who enjoys learning just as much as I do.