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Hello! My name is Wint.

I am a senior student at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, with my degree emphasis in Civil Engineering. I recently passed the Fundamental of Engineering Exam and plan to obtain my EIT certification. I would like to see myself as a professional civil engineer within five years.

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I have experience in the engineering field and am eager to continue learning and growing in the world of engineering work. My experiences include working as an intern in the structural department at the San Francisco Department of Public Works in summer 2019 as well as a civil engineering intern at W.Wong construction in the Bay Area for over a year. I have practical experience in designing reinforced concrete, timber, steel, and masonry for several projects. Among them, I got so many hands-on experiences from the Arroyo Grande South Interchange project, which is designing 101 freeway interchange located between Arroyo Grande and North of Nipomo, California, in considering any potential for the seismic load. I do not have much repair experience; however, I am very excited to learn about it by doing a project in IFIXIT.

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During my school year, I received a Dean’s honor list award twice. I am a member of the American Society of Civil Engineering. I also perform as a secretary of the Burmese Student Association (BURSA). I like to go hiking and swimming during my leisure time; in addition, my further interest is in playing the piano, but I am not good at it, so I am planning to learn after graduating.