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Hi my name is Kerri Byrne and I am a second year biomedical engineering major from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Because of my desire to help those in need, I was driven to study a way in which I could apply both my love for math and science to a single goal- to improve the quality of life worldwide. I plan on declaring a concentration in bioinstrumentation to focus on my passion, which is the devices and mechanics that are used to measure, evaluate and treat biological systems. Courses such as Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Design and Biomedical Engineering Analysis have piqued my interest in the cutting-edge technologies that are emerging in the biomedical field. Other lab courses I have taken, such as chemistry, physics, and biology, have given me laboratory skills such as bacteria culture techniques, paper calorimetry, chromatography, and gel electrophoresis that will aid my understanding of the medical needs of patients. I have gained relevant engineering skills such as 3D CAD in SolidWorks, hand drafting, programming with MATLAB, as well as completing Research Ethics and Compliance Training through CITI, which will help in my understanding of the medical devices we are trying to fix.