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I am a student from IUPUI, in the Mechanical Engineering department, currently here because of my tech writing class. I am vaguely a junior in standing but it is hard to say for sure because I am also a transfer student.

My group is going to be doing an editing project, so hopefully you will soon be able to see the guides we improve during the next few weeks.

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[First image] This is me!

[Second image] I am not much of a builder in practice, but this is the main design project I have completed: a small wind turbine, which was a team project in my first engineering class. Although it was not the best in our section, it ended up working well.

[Third image] I would not call this much of a serious build, but it was fun nonetheless. In another class we had a team competition to design card towers that could be built quickly and hold pennies. My teammate and I ended up planning for as cheap and fast of a system as we could, and ended up winning! Although our tower did collapse a few minutes afterwards, so durability was not so good.

Handleidingen waar ik aan meegewerkt heb