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  • School - University Of Memphis
  • Major—Bachelor of Engineering Technology
  • Aspirations—I am currently a manufacturing engineer for a major biomedical manufacturing company in the Memphis area. I aspire to become a principal engineer at the head of my field with opportunities to teach and guide other less experienced engineers at whichever company I am employed at. I feel like a lot of my knowledge was split between class work and real world experience. Being in the medical manufacturing business for close to 20 years, I have picked up a lot of skills that should be taught.
  • Skills—I have an in depth knowledge of lean principles, designing for reliability (Certified Reliability Engineer through ASQ), machining methods, statics, and dynamics of machines.
  • Projects/accomplishments—At work I have implemented many preventive maintenance programs a long with a major Total Productive Maintenance program. Outside of work I have rebuilt my 84 Chevy K-10 pick up truck from the ground up. I have also done many at home repair projects.
  • Repair experience—I have repaired inspection equipment used in the medical manufacturing business such as comparators, video measurement machines, micrometers, calipers, and coordinate measuring machines. I have also repaired other equipment such as a Crest Ultrasonic Washing system. At home I have rebuilt a 84 Chevy K-10 pick up truck and have found myself a knack for rebuilding small engine carburetors.
  • Groups/memberships—Currently a member of ASQ
  • Hobbies—In my spare time I like to fish, hunt, and work on my truck or motorcycle.
  • How does this project relate to you?—By completing this project, I can showcase my ability to teach others along with repairing equipment.