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Hello Everyone!

My name is Elizabeth! I am a first year computer engineering student at Cal Poly SLO.

Skills and Aspirations:

I have coding experience in Python and Java. I have taken multiple computer science classes and I will continue to learn more languages in my future classes. In the future I hope to work at a large tech company and design some new gadgets. But, I am not set on anything in specific as of right now.

Over the summer I had extra time to tinker with the hardware in multiple apple laptops.


California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo Dean’s Honor List - 2019


I am from Illinois so this state is very new to me. So in my free time I enjoy taking day trips to explore the natural beauties!

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Thank you for reading! I am very excited to work on this project because I care about the severity of technological waste (and the human footprint overall)