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I go to Cal Poly in SLO and am a second year mechanical engineering major. I chose this major because I want to work on creating new technologies and devices in the future.

I eventually want to create a device that helps the world environmentally. I want to increase the amount of renewable energy devices in the word.

I can use CAD programs well, and know how to work in a team to achieve an end goal. I am able to lead a team to finish a design project.

I do not have much repair experience. I would love to work on repairing an old motorcycle one day.

Most of my awards and accolades are from high school. The most important one to me is my Eagle Scout award.

I am in the Wind Power Club, and Engineers for a Sustainable World. I am the project manager for a wind turbine that you can take backpacking, and am a team member on a project in ESW.

I have not been able to do many of my hobbies because school keeps me busy. I do enjoy basketball, guitar, and hanging out at the beach.

This project would help me immensely in regards to my technical writing. It will help me understand how to be professional.