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Hello! My name is Jan Ed Dominick Cristobal, and I am a first-gen Filipino. I go by Janed, Dominick, or Jed. I am a first year at California Polytechnic State University, and I major in computer engineering due to my uncle. He was the one that made me have an interest in it.

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I have many aspirations. One is being a good and well-rounded student. The second is graduating from college and get a good job so I can help finance my family. The last is to live a good life.

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  • Bilingual(English & Tagalog)
  • Able to use Python and Arduino
  • Experienced in using Google services (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.)
  • Experience in photography
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  • Built and coded a functioning robot in my Intro to Computing class(CPE-123) in the fall quarter.
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Repair Experience

I have not really repaired anything. I wish to change that here. Hopefully, before the time I graduate, I wish to have repaired a phone, camera, monitor/TV, and laptop.


I am only part of one organization:

  • Pilipino Cultural Exchange (PCE)
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  • Photography
  • Sports(tennis, football, and basketball)
  • Video games
  • Watch movies
  • Club/organization activities
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