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Hello everyone!

My name is Elizabeth and I am a first year Computer Engineering student at Cal Poly SLO. After completing my degree I hope to work at a mid-large tech company working on a team of other engineers and computer scientist to develop new tech gadgets. However I am not set on a specific career quite yet.


I have previous experience coding in Java, Python and soon will be working in more languages through my classes. I have previous experience tutoring students in code. In previous classes I have developed my own app and website.

I don’t have much experience repair things however over the summer I did tinker and take apart various old laptops. Hardware does interest me.


  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University Dean’s List (2019)


I am not originally from California (I moved from Chicago for School) so I really enjoy taking day trips around the state and explore the natural beauty it has to offer.

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Thank you for reading my profile! I am really excited to be working on this project. I believe that companies with morals like iFixit’s are going to change the definition of tech production. We must all work together to reduce our footprint and be aware of the world around us.