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I am a first-year biomedical engineering major at Cal Poly, SLO. I chose biomedical engineering so I could combine my love for math and science as well as my desire to work in medicine. In the future, I hope to either become a pediatrician or work with doctors as an engineer in the clinical field. I hope to also use my knowledge in C++ and Java in whichever field I work in.

I have been working to build my skills in different internships at the University of Missouri-Columbia in biological engineering. We worked to make antimicrobial coatings for food safety. I really enjoy problem-solving and stretching my brain to find the answer. Currently, I do not have any repair experiences but I am fully aware of the benefits of repairing. I want to learn how to repair my phone when something goes wrong.

At Cal Poly, I am a part of Society of Women Engineers, Engineering Ambassadors as well as the Biomedical Engineering Society.

Not only will this project help me understand how to write guides, but it will also help get me more comfortable with different aspects of repairing, which is problem-solving. I will be able to broaden my knowledge. I will also learn a lot about technical writing. These are crucial in industry.