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Hello! My name is Nikki.

I attend Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where I am studying biomedical engineering.

I chose biomedical engineering because I like the aspect of creating things that can be used in health care. I am really interested in implants, especially cardiac implants. With my education in biomedical engineering, I hope to attend medical school and become a surgeon. I would also like to be a clinical engineer. Following my intended career, I have joined Biomedical Engineering Society and American Medical Student Association at Cal Poly.

My skills include teamwork, communication, and organization. I hope to use these skill to write iFixit manuals to reduce the amount of e-waste, promoting a cleaner, better Earth. This project will demonstrate my ability to work with a team, meet deadlines, and write technically.

I have helped my older brother fix his car. It is a 1967 Ford Mustang hardtop coupe. I have also helped my dad fix things around our house.

In my spare time, I play sports. I am currently playing intramural basketball and futsal and participating in a volleyball course.

Fun fact! I have hiked the tallest mountain in the continental US!

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Mount Whitney!