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I've been in the automotive electronics industry since 1988. I've been a Sr. Engineering Technician at Tesla, Apple, and am now the Electronics Lab Manager at NIO USA (used to be named NEXT EV). I enjoy buying broken MacBooks for cheap on EBAY and fix them. I have 6 MacBook Pros, one can never have enough. My troubleshooting skills are top notch when it comes to electronics. I'm also an airsoft enthusiast, drone enthusiast, and love editing videos/ photos. I create/ edit videos/ photos for fun, and generally do them pro-bono for people who want them created. I've created drone videos/ photos for my YouTube page, which you can find them at IFIXIT has some of the best tools/ parts I've ever found and use them as often as I can. And lastly, MyithZ is a nickname I created a long time ago which means "My, it Hertz". Yes... the H should be capitalized, not the Z... but I enjoy confusing people.


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