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hhheeeeeyyyyyooooo. so bored you read this huh? NICE! so late 2017 had my ps3 shut down. tragic right? poor me... this site helped explain why and saved me from attempting a sure thing "repair" fail. So been lookin at desktops. Specifically a setup that allows some parts to wear out BUT allows me to fix or replace the worn hdmi port or a fried power connection. Even hope to learn a way to resurrect the mentioned ps3. Or at least maybe use some of her hardware along with a bunch of other tech my family had thrown in boxes in favor of newer tech. So if anyone could point me to the promised land- where ram cards price at 100 or so$ and customs pcs are king- that'd ne awesome. CHEERS! may Lady Jinx nut puch your enemies. Why? Cause her sister Lady Luck is a Gold Digger. Heh;)

Be honest, the last part got a smile even if only on the inside... :)

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