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I am currently a junior at Eastern Washington University, and I plan to graduate at the end of next year. I am majoring in Journalism with a minor in communications as well as Technical Communications. I've been at Eastern my entire collegiate career and even though it's a great school I can't wait to graduate and start my career. In addition I love sports especially MMA but also basketball, baseball, and football and hope I can find my way into a sports journalist position quickly after graduation. I currently live in Spokane Valley which is where I graduated high school. When it comes to repairs and DIY I am very limited on my experience and understanding but with a little work I should pick up on the information relatively quickly. Though I am not an engineer I do have quality writing skills that will be beneficial for my team. I am really looking forward to learning about the iFixit company and getting into the technology that we will be working with this quarter. As a person who has broken numerous electronic devices I am extremely interested in how simple or complicated these devices are to put back together.