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Hi, I am Moses

I am a tenth grader and really got interested in fixing things in 2016, but I have always loved tearing things apart and working with electronics. At the end of November of 2016, however, I got a Pro Tech Toolkit. Two kids for school had given me there broken iPhone 5s and I wanted to tinker with them, (which lead to puncturing both batteries, but anyways:)) I also got a 2008 MacBook Unibody that someone found in their attic. It had a broken LCD. This was my first real repair and was fairly involved. But it was my first Mac and I loved it. Then that summer, my aunt dropped a glass on her iPhone 5s. The logic board and screen were toast. I was able to do a logic board transplant from that phone I had gotten previously, and it worked. Later that year I got a request to fix a 5c from one of my sisters friends. This turned out very well. My mom also broke her iPhone 6, but chose to get an SE (I kept the parts:)). Then at Christmas I got my dad's old iPhone 6. It was a little rough around the edges, including a hefty bend:). But I whipped out my Pro Tech Toolkit and took apart my Christmas present and had it even better. I went on to add a glowing Apple Logo (check it out, it is pretty sweet ), replace the battery and screen, yes I shattered my screen for the first time :( . Now it is 2018, I upgraded my Mac, still 2008 to an SSD, made a world of a difference, and pursued a dream of fixing things. In March I got a 2011 15" MacBook Pro for free. It need ram and a hard drive. The problem was liquid damage to the keyboard. The previous owner had just used it with a BT keyboard until one day it died. This was do to a keyboard short that was easily solved by an SMC reset. Then I began the extensive keyboard process, I went through 2 new keyboards, as I broke one on installation. After that was complete it ran amazing with no problems.... for a week. I came up to my desk one night to find my both the internal display and external display to be black, but powered on. After finding the computer was unresponsive, I hard powered down. Upon reboot, I got red lines all across the display, I thought it was toast. After about a day of research I figured out it was a GPU, and was able to hack it to run Integrated Graphics, but no more external display as far as I can tell (If anyone knows a solution, please let me know). Since then I've expanded my knowledge, skills, and tools for phone and computer repair. I started my business officially, so if you have a broken device, check me out here!