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Let’s peek inside Apple’s 6th-generation iPad mini! Is this redesigned mini iPad holding any mini secrets, or is it just a smaller iPad Air? Time to tear it down.

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    Laatste gedachten
    • A single Phillips screwdriver takes care of all the screws.
    • Some components are modular, but all repairs will require painstakingly ungluing the glass display.
    • The iPad mini's battery is fastened with repair friendly stretch-release adhesive, but the removal process is marred by additional adhesive on other parts of the battery.
    • Gobs of adhesive hold many parts and cables in place, complicating all repairs.
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6 Opmerkingen

does the ipad cellular version use qualcomm’s x55 or same as iphone 13’s x60 modem?

abdulaziz khalil - Antwoord

Why would I fixit team be so cheap and bought only WiFi model for teardown and not post this info which cellular modem is used ?

peterkor - Antwoord

We need to know the battery mAh == Where is the full written review?

Lindy Xi - Antwoord

The battery specs can be found on the iPad mini 6 device page! It has a 5034 mAh cell.

Carsten Frauenheim -

Umm.. where is the full written teardown with hi-res pictures…?

inwoochoi - Antwoord

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