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First and foremost, the Curve 8900 (hereon referred to as “Javelin”) is a gorgeous device. It’s got the same chrome trim as the Storm, relatively the same shape, and a faux-brushed-aluminum backing. It’s an astonishingly light device, even with the brick of a battery.

The keyboard is similar to the old Curve’s, but almost seems to fit tighter. In reality, the size differences of the Javelin aren’t very different from the existing Curve, but gosh, the improvements to the aesthetics are amazing.

To be honest, we’re being a little nitpicky here, but the Javelin’s battery cover is quite annoying. In effect, the battery cover “pops” in and out near the latch when you’re grasping it with too much force. Perhaps it’s this particular unit, but the annoyance of a flimsy battery cover has always got to our heads.

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