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This is the method to enter the hidden TEST MENU. Power off dictionary Hold the go-back key (for newer modules it is near the four navigation keys older modules it is on the left), the page up key and the power key for maybe 5 seconds until it beeps and the screen light on and popup a window shows the Model and the BIOS Ver Release the three keys and press the right navigation key two times then press enter key then it will beep two times and enter the hidden TEST MENU

If the dictionary is a newer module like E-A400 (released on 2010 in China) or E-B400 (released on 2011 in China) there is a password when you want to enter the MANUAL CHECK > SERVICE MENU. If it is an older module like E-SF300 (released on 2009 in China) there is no password when you want to enter the SERVICE MENU. The SERVICE MENU has tools that can backup the system file to the SD card. But now no one knows what the password is. Does anyone have any ideas about how to hacking the password?

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