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Once the deck is loose, you can lift it a tiny bit to see the wiring harness underneath. The pump above the deck is still connected to the reservoir below the deck through holes in the deck, so there is not much play.

Notice that the "deck" has a flange at the edge, and surrounding each of the penetrations to the deck. When this is right-side up, these flanges will supposedly capture any water which happened to spill between the filler neck and the case, or slight internal leaks elsewhere, thus preventing the water from getting to the electronics.

Mind you, the splices for the fan harness would be sitting in any puddle captured by the deck (but at least that would only be low voltage DC.)

The fans must be connected together and their wiring cable tied together before the pump is attached in the factory, meaning you are forced to cut the wires to replace them unless you completely disconnect the deck and the pump.

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