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Intel NOR flash in the middle left of the shot: 3050M0Y0CE 5818A456.

The largest chip in the top left corner is an Infineon 337S3394 WEDGE baseband marked SP836175 G0822.

Small chip to the right of the NOR: Infineon BGA736 (Tri-Band HSDPA LNA). Just beneath that is an Infineon UMTS Transceiver marked 338S03532Z 60814.

Skyworks power amplifier SKY77340 (Power Amplifier Module Quad) on the top right: Octopart datasheet

The chip in the top middle is SMP 3i 6820, Infineon SM-Power3i. From Infineon: the part is "optimized to support modem and data card applications based upon X-GOLD208 and X-GOLD 608, with features ranging from EDGE up to 3G and HSDPA."

Chips we need to identify: 6475 with M logo (rumored to be Murata IF SAW Filter).

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