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Time to remove the logic board. There are no screws to remove here. The logic board is held in place by adhesive.

Start at the bottom left corner and insert a flat pry tool and work it in under the logic board to try and release the adhesive.

Most of the adhesive is under the bottom left side of the logic board. The flatter your tool the better.

work your way around the the area where the battery terminals are and try to get some separation.

There are two connections that tie the logic boards together. They should pop loose by sliding a pry tool under the large logic board right next to the vibrator motor (on the small logic board).

With the two connections loose, lift up from that location and remove the larger logic board.

Its easiest to lift from that area and slide forward while lifting out the larger logic board because otherwise the hdmi port makes it a pain to lift from the bottom side, because the frame goes around the hdmi port.

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