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With the exception of the flash memory, it appears that the ICs on the 16 GB model's logic board are the same as those found on the 32 and 64 GB models:

Apple A5 dual-core processor, with 4 Gb (512 MB) of Mobile DDR2 RAM.

Toshiba THGBX2G7B2JLA01 128 Gb (16 GB) NAND flash

Apple 3381064 dialog power management IC

Murata 339S0171 Wi-Fi module

Broadcom BCM5976 touchscreen controller

STMicroelectronics low-power, three-axis gyroscope (AGD4/2305/O2LBV)

And again we find both the Apple 338S1116 and the Apple 338S1077 Cirrus Audio Codecs.

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