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Battery time! To no one's surprise, these two batteries are heavily adhered to their metal midframes, with no friendly pull tabs in sight.

Not to worry though—we bust out our trusty adhesive remover and set up a beautiful "water" feature while we wait for the adhesive to lower its defenses.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: batteries are consumable and will need to be replaced before the end of just about any modern smartphone's lifespan.

These portable power plants are rocking 11.94 Wh for the left-hand S10e and 13.09 Wh for the right-hand S10 (a 13% increase over last year's 11.55).

For comparison's sake, the competing iPhones sport 11.16 Wh (XR) and 10.13 Wh (XS) respectively.

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