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While these phones sport similar exteriors, the budget-friendly S10e gets a noticeably bigger power button—where its conventional, capacitive fingerprint sensor is housed.

The S10 plays things a little closer to the vest, with a fingerprint sensor you can't even see ... without a teardown, that is.

Speaking of which, here's hoping that these relocated fingerprint sensors will make our opening procedure a little safer.

Despite their subtle differences, the S10 and S10e both agree that headphone jacks are still pretty cool. They've also got matching USB-C, mic, and speaker ports.

At the top of the phones, we get our first (in-person) glimpse at some "hole-punch" displays—complete with preinstalled screen protectors.

Apparently, a tempered glass screen protector may interfere with the ultrasonic sensor—so this is Samsung's attempt to head off that particular problem. But then, why does the S10e need one?

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