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The underside of the remote cover reveals three buttons and a microphone. No surprise here, as the remote has three buttons.

With a little more coaxing cutting, we are able to remove the flexible PCB within the EarPods' remote.

The microphone in the EarPods' remote bears the markings 2F17 045.

Will this microphone be similar to one of the three microphones inside the iPhone 5? Probably. Will it be the same? All will be revealed in due time three more days.

We also uncover another IC with the markings TI25ASGVI 079, which Chipworks believes to be a Texas Instruments ADC, or a device used for volume-control duty.

All these components look large when shot in our pictures, but they're quite small in real life. That's how the board looks like when compared to a U.S. dime.

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