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A quick and easy teardown/disassembly guide for the ZEN V Creative Media Player.

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  1. Here we have Creative's ZEN V Media Player.
    • Here we have Creative's ZEN V Media Player.

      • The Navigator Stick

      • The Play/Pause Button

      • The Back Button

      • The LCD

      • USB 2.0 Charging Port

      • Headphone Jack

      • Line In Jack

  2. Start by taking a pointy metal spudger and insert it on the bottom edge of the player
    • Start by taking a pointy metal spudger and insert it on the bottom edge of the player

    • Slide it along, prying up until a gap forms

    • Proceed to insert and slide the tool along the left and right side of the device, until the plastic piece with the buttons comes free.

    • Half of the covering plastic should be off now

      • Gap between plastics

    • While doing the following steps note that this piece is glued on to the LCD. Do not apply too much force or shove your tool too far in

      • Glue

    • Bring your tool to the top edge of the player and insert it

    • Insert it on the top edge and slide while prying up

      • The gap

    • Insert it on the two sides and pry until plastic comes loose

    • Be very gentle with the LCD in the next 2 steps! It is glued to the logic board with black stick pads. Do not break the cable/clip!

      • Adhesive Pads

      • Cable Clip

    • Insert flat end of plastic spudger on the bottom of the LCD. Pry gently upwards.

      • Bottom of LCD

    • Insert on the sides and continue to pry.

    • Finally insert on the top and pry.

      • Top of LCD

    • Pull back LCD to bottom of player to expose cable/clip

    • Remove orange ESD safe tape with spudger/fingernail

      • Orange ESD safe tape

    • Flip up the clip with flat end of spudger/fingernail

      • Clip is flipped up

    • Pull the LCD away from the player

    • Put down your spudger and pick up a Phillips #000 Screwdriver

    • Remove the two screws on the logic board

      • Screws

    • Remove Volume control button by pulling it up off the board

      • Volume control button

    • Pull up board from bottom of player

    • Gently wiggle the logic board out of the casing. Be careful because it is connected to a battery underneath it

      • Battery

    • Insert spudger under the top of the battery and pry

      • Top half of battery

    • There is an adhesive pad under the battery

    • Battery should now be free

    • Remove battery from case and set aside connected to the logic board

    • Battery may now be removed from logic board with a soldering iron

    • Heat up the contacts and pull away wires

      • Contacts

    • These all are various components that can be removed with a soldering iron

      • USB 2.0 Port has 4 pads and 5 pins attaching it to the logic board

      • Various Switches- 4 pads each. From the (Bottom left), Volume up, Volume Down, Mute?, (Top Left), Power on/Hold, Reset

      • Line In Jack 4 pads

      • Headphone Jack 4 pads

      • Play/Pause Button 2 pads and Back Button 2 pads

      • LCD connector and Navigtor button

    • All the innards of the ZEN V Media Player

      • Button Plastic- Removed in Step 2

      • LCD Plastic- Removed in Step 3

      • Orange ESD Safe tape and LCD Screen- Removed in Step 5

      • Screws and Volume Button- Removed in Step 6

      • Back Plastic Case and Logic Board- Removed in Step 7

      • Battery Removed in Step 8

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