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This teardown guided is meant to explain how to take the Waka Waka apart without damaging the components.

Deze demontage is geen reparatiehandleiding. Om je Waka Waka Power Plus te repareren, gebruik onze reparatiehandleidingen.

  1. It's not just a box, it's also a use guide.
    • It's not just a box, it's also a use guide.

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  2. The Phillips screws are hidden underneath silicone covers.
    • The Phillips screws are hidden underneath silicone covers.

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    • The cover is a pain to get open. The amount of force needed is quite high.

    • The hinges are spring loaded. They tend to fly away when tension is relieved.

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    • As said in the previous step, the springs tend to fly away!

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    • This can simply be pulled out once the covers are removed.

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    • A screwdriver may not be the ideal tool for this job, a less sharp object might be better to avoid damage to the silicone.

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    • Use the flat side of the screwdriver to avoid damage to the lens.

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    • You will stab yourself with the screwdriver while doing this.

    • The white parts of the hinges will very happily fly away and get lost.

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    • Pull out the connector, be careful and only pull the connector and not the wires to avoid damaging them in the process.

    • The battery is fixed in place with double sided tape. Make sure not to bend and damage the battery when taking it out.

    • Text on the battery:

      • Grand-Pro

      • - PL805050 3.7V 8.14Wh

      • GB-GP004 UN38.3 2200mAh

      • + 11-22-2014-11265

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    • There are two plastic pins holding the PCB in place. You will have to break them.

    • Undo the connection between the PCB and the solar panel with a soldering iron. Do not pull the cables out, this may result in severe damage to the cables or PCB.

    • Top tip: for one time at least, you can redo the plastic pins holding the PCB by pressing a semi-hot soldering iron on the plastic.

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    • Most important silicon:

      • Texas instruments LM358 Dual opamp

      • Fairchild Semiconductors MJD210 PNP Transistor

      • NXP 74HC595 8Bit shift register

      • Intivation SNBST3 MPPT Solar charger with integrated MCU (heart of the Waka Waka)

      • Dsunsolar High efficiency PET film solar panel. Custom made for Intivation.

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    • Use a flat object like a bank card to avoid bending the solar panel.

    • This Waka Waka has been opened up previously to this teardown. Since the solar panel was originally glued in place, the solar panel was re-attached using double sided tape. When putting your Waka Waka back together, you could either choose glue or double sided tape. Both work fine.

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