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This is the full teardown of Digia, Qt (Formally Trolltech) Linux based phone.

Deze demontage is geen reparatiehandleiding. Om je Trolltech Greenphone te repareren, gebruik onze reparatiehandleidingen.

here is the Qtopia green phone.
  • here is the Qtopia green phone.

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first, remove the mini-SD card from the side of the phone.
  • first, remove the mini-SD card from the side of the phone.

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  • then, remove the battery from the phone

  • Unlocking the switch for the battery cover is a little difficult.

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  • when the battery is removed, remove the pencil from the device

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  • this picture shows the two black plastic clips wich you want du unlock if you would like to reach deeper into the interiors of this phone.

  • the 2e pikture show how to place the slotted pan head screwdriver

  • to unlock them you have to turn the screwdriver around its own axe.

  • when you unlocked both, go with an ipod opening tool around the 3 other sides to unlock several other plastic clips, wich shold be easy to do

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  • now your phone should look like this.

  • there is one seperate little silver plastic switch for the camera lense.

  • don't lose that

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  • now remove the only 4 screws in this froggy device.

  • the both on the upper part

  • and at the both at the bottom part

  • and see them lie next to the device

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  • now insert an ipod opening tool between the (green) front and the black stripe in the center of the phone

  • be careful, the front is fragile

  • as you are gone around its sides, you can simply disassemble the front panel without disconnecting anything.

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  • now you are able to put the mainboard (the one and only), display and buttons (it appears that this is one huge part) and the black back/mid frame from each other

  • its easy to remove the speaker/antenna and some plastic parts from the back panel

  • the camera is glued on the board, but connected with an usual camera connector.

  • all EMI shields are brazed onto the bord.

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  • this was the whole thing. thank you for reading this far.

  • fancy phone this is!

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