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    • Be cautious when using the iOpener for opening the adhesive on the cheese packaging.

    • Inspect the string cheese packaging. You should see a perforated corner that you can stick the tip of your spudger into.

    • Once you put the tip of the spudger into the plastic pull the corner with your other hand, guiding the spudger along as you peel back the packaging.

    • We're in to the GOOD stuff,

    • Pull up on the cheese to get it unstuck from the adhesive

    • Then peal the last bits of adhesive away


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This it a great teardown >:-D

Can we see a teardown on a strawberry?


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@hellomacos - Help if you want

Ben Capehart -

Sure ,what do you want me to do?

HelloMacOS -

@hellomacos - Idk do what you want X-D

Ben Capehart -

@hellomacos - Will Do! >:-D

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