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Have a look at the inside of Sony Xperia Z3 Dual and let you know where is component when need repair.

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  1. Remove two SIM card trays.
    • Remove two SIM card trays.

    • Heat the back cover to soften the adhesive sticker.

    • Place the suction cup and to open a gap from top side.

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  2. Insert the guitar pick into the opening gap.
    • Insert the guitar pick into the opening gap.

    • Slide the guitar pick to cut the adhesive sticker. Attention: when deal with the left side, the guitar pick would better go as the direction of the mark.

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    • Release battery connector.

    • Free the fastening sticker.

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    • Pry up and remove the battery.

    • 3100mAh battery.

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    • Twist off screws.

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    • Remove three pieces of securing bracket.

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    • Release all the connectors.

    • Remove sim tray before removing motherboard.

    • Remove the motherboard carefully.

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    • That's Sony Xperia Z3 Dual motherboard.

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    • Remove front camera and rear camera.

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    • Remove that blocker beside the earpiece speaker at first.

    • And then you can pry up the earpiece speaker and remove it.

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    • Remove transparent securing cover beside of earphone jack.

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    • Pry to turn the flex cover on the earphone jack. But it's a part of the earphone jack assembly.

    • Cut the adhesive sticker between the earphone jack and midframe and remove the assembly.

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    • That's antenna signal flex.

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    • Twist off screws.

    • Release connectors.

    • Remove vibrator securing bracket.

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    • Remove loudspeaker assembly securing bracket. And there is no any adhesive.

    • Pry up and remove the loudspeaker assembly. No adhesive, too.

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    • Done.

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Can you put it back together?

zarixevolve - Antwoord

I dropped mine so I just want to take the battery out is it possibly to take it and then put it back in

zarixevolve - Antwoord

hi.after changing my xperia z3 dual lcd 3 times.i hade a fluctuating and very week 3g and 4g signal.plz tell me where is the antenna located.i know that there is a flex and a board and antenna cover.what should i change.thanx

zein hamza - Antwoord

That's not a complete teardown. I would like to see the onboard chips and info's.

emmanuelhelene15 - Antwoord

Where can i buy the Sony Xperia Z3 plus Dual motherboard ?

I really need it.

Kwar Kwar - Antwoord

i need board from where i purchase please guaid me

haseebmustafa1212 - Antwoord

Hi Sofiya,

That's a great write-up.

My mobile repair guy is attending my mobile (sony Z3- single sim) for antenna- it is unable to receive phone network signal properly. He says he has to replace the antenna mother-board. But from your write-up I don't find any such mother board- is my repair guy conning me?



sundar ram - Antwoord

how many this LCD ? rupiah

mochamad kudori - Antwoord

How much this LCD? Rupiah’s

mochamad kudori - Antwoord

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