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Take out the battery and SIM Card.
  • Take out the battery and SIM Card.

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Remove these screws.
  • Remove these screws.

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  • If the screws are removed, you can take the case of with your fingers or a small flathead screwdriver

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  • Now you see the PCB

  • Agere TR09WQTEF2B Processor

  • Agere PSC2106 Power Management IC

  • Battery contacts and power supply connector

  • SIM Card Slot

  • Back-Up battery

  • Antenna connector

  • 2,5mm Headphone Jack

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  • LCD Dispaly cable, you can release this connector with a small flathead screwdriver

  • Be careful here, You can break the flatcable!

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  • To take the LCD display out of the case, click the upper case open with a small flathead screwdriver or case opener. Under the two pads under the LCD Display are 2 screws.

  • Be also careful here, go not to far with the screwdriver so you can not damage the LCD display.

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  • Now you see this.

  • If you want to remove the LCD display, lift the PCB of the LCD display up with a small flathead screwdriver.

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  • Finished!

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