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Deze demontage is geen reparatiehandleiding. Om je PlayStation 4 Pro te repareren, gebruik onze reparatiehandleidingen.

  1. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown, PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 1, afbeelding 1 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown, PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 1, afbeelding 2 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown, PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 1, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Since this is the third version of the PS4, maybe we should call it the PS4 3? Anyways, here are the specs:

    • 8-core AMD "Jaguar" X86-64 CPU, clocked at 2.1 GHz (up from 1.6 GHz)

    • 4.2 TFLOPS AMD Radeon-based graphics

    • 8 GB GDDR5 RAM + 1 GB DRAM

    • 1 TB removable and upgradeable hard drive storage

    • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Ethernet, and Bluetooth 4.0 (LE)

    • Blu-ray × 6 CAV, DVD × 8 CAV

  2. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 2, afbeelding 1 van 2 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 2, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Hamburger, meet Big Mac—the Pro version has one layer on the Slim version. It's also quite a bit bigger overall.

    • This behemoth still carries the label PlayStation 4, but the model number on ours is CUH-7015B. We also spot a couple "Warranty void if removed stickers" (booo) and tons of different ports (yay!):

    • Power

    • HDMI 2.0

    • PlayStation extension port

    • S/PDIF optical audio output

    • USB 3.0

    • Ethernet

    will you teardown the High speed HDMI cable?

    Da Kutkale - Antwoord

  3. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 3, afbeelding 1 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 3, afbeelding 2 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 3, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • When you're exploring unknown territory, it helps to have a map.

    • We called up our buddies at Creative Electron, and they put their X-ray vision to good use.

    • So far we're expecting to find... bees? And a big fan. I'm not the only one who sees honeycomb, right?

  4. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 4, afbeelding 1 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 4, afbeelding 2 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 4, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • This triple-decker design is a little different from the ''first'' fourth PlayStation we tore down, but that doesn't stop our teardown engineers—without wasting time, we flip the console over, pop the first panel, and hit pay dirt!

    • A single, standard Phillips #0 screw stands between us and hard-drive-swapping glory. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

    • Replacements are awesome, and in keeping with a long tradition: every PlayStation to use a hard drive has had a user-replaceable hard drive.

    • Like the original PlayStation 3

    • ... and the Slim

    • ... and the Super Slim

    • ... right up to the original PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim.

    Replacing the internal hard drive doesn't break warranty and it gives the users the option to cheaply upgrade to a larger drive or maybe even go with a SSD drive to take advantage of the SATA3 controller in PS4 Pro. If a SSD is to expensive, there are SSHD options, eg. like the new Seagate Firecuda 2TB SSHD.

    Hoder Jensen - Antwoord

    Can the PS4 Pro handle the thicker 4tb laptop drives? 15mm thickness. It took some improvisation to get the drive into my launch day PS4

    Justin Rasmussen - Antwoord

    Same question.

    Does PS4 PRO accepts 15mm HDDs?

    Vadim Naliusnij -

    You could also put a HDD in the 'fat' PS2s!

    Ben Shepherd - Antwoord

    Which worked great for game backups even though it was originally meant for one of the Final Fantasy games or the PS2 Linux Kit.

    Ryan Morash -

  5. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 5, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • And just a couple more Phillips screws later, the 2.5" HGST HTS541010A9E680 hard drive is free from its caddy shackles.

    • While the PlayStation team boasted about the Pro's SATA III support, this stock hard disk drive is rated at 3.0 Gb/s (SATA II).

    • Or is it? According to various online sources, this guy is actually a 6.0 Gb/s HDD. Regardless, at 5400 RPM this platter drive will never reach SATA III speeds and is pretty similar to the drive we found in 2013.

    • No worries, though—armed with the right tools and some elbow grease (and a snazzy new 6.0 Gb/s SSD), you can cut your lag load times in half and get back to gaming.

    hitachi hdd is best. btw, no mechanical hdd reached full sata2 speed yet. So for mechanical HDD, no point to talk about SATA3.

    Will O - Antwoord

    并这不是所有机型都是hgst,实际使用toshiba的机型可能更多.换过3台不同版本的pro,包括made in jp的版本都是toshiba的hdd.

    phenomx100 - Antwoord

    • As expected, we're gonna have to remove these "Warranty void if seal removed" stickers to go any further.

    • Adding a bit of insult to injury, the screws hidden beneath are Security Torx screws—specifically designed to stop you getting in.

    • Luckily, even the most dastardly screw head is no match for our 64 Bit Driver Kit. With the case cracked open, we can remove this large metal shield.

    • Unfortunately, all this does is give us a view of the motherboard's backside.

    • Based on our experience with the PS4 Slim, we decide to flip everything over and see if the grass is any greener on the other side...

    At least tell us the size of the screw and locations. Terrible guide so far.

    Delorian Hiatt - Antwoord

    As stated in the banner at the top, this is not a guide. If you’re looking for instructions, they are over here.

    Jeff Suovanen -

  6. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 7, afbeelding 1 van 2 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 7, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • With the beast on its back, the opposite panel pops off after some prodigious prying—but no "warranty void" stickers!

    • Alas, removing this panel isn't the panel-cea we were hoping for. We can pull out the power supply, but nothing else.

    • While you can't remove the fan, you could certainly clean it from here—maybe that's why we're granted this non-warranty-voiding access zone.

    It's cool that you can replace the PSU without voiding the warranty

    Ben Shepherd - Antwoord

    Actually it seems the PSU is secured with a couple of screws from the bottom, and the only way to get to those is by removing the bottom panel and pulling off the warranty stickers.

    Jeff Suovanen - Antwoord

    there`s two posts from this side for the screws- one is just below the guy`s index finger

    jontyhawkes -

    what this metal glossy thing above the power supply does?

    onlysoab -

    Does the top cover of the console snaps off just buy pulling it up? no screws-hard drive nothing?

    onlysoab -

    what this metal glossy thing above the power supply does?

    onlysoab - Antwoord

    Does the top cover of the console snaps off just buy pulling it up? no screws-hard drive nothing?

    onlysoab - Antwoord

    i can reach the fan just by pulling up the above cover ? only that???

    onlysoab - Antwoord

    above the power supply.... what it this? what it does?

    onlysoab - Antwoord

    What power supply is it I need a new one because i dropped my ps4 pro when moving home now it dose not go on I think it's the power pack the no working

    Colin gettler - Antwoord

    Yeah, I’m wondering too about the function of the metal shield above the PSU. Could it be some shield preventing elec from jumping out of the top cover? The shield becomes really hot. I would like to try to add an Intel Cpu cooler on this metal shield without top cover to see how well it transfers the heat. Would the heatsink be electrified when PS4’s running?

    Peter Johansson - Antwoord

    How much space is there between top lid and PSU top?

    I’m sure the metal shield on top is a heatsink for the PSU and I would like to add 5mm height PCB heatsinks to it. Even if it doesn’t fit I will cut a large hole in the back of the top cover, and just add a washable dustfilter. I still think an extra fan should be in the back but it could be on top too

    Peter Johansson - Antwoord

  7. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 8, afbeelding 1 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 8, afbeelding 2 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 8, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • With the top panel removed, we focus our attention towards the power supply unit.

    • Unlike the 2013 model, which topped out at 165 W, this PSU dishes out 289 W of power (1.5 A @ 4.8 V +23.5 A @ 12 V).

    • According to the official technical specifications, the PS4 Pro pulls 310 W of power total. The balance is probably spent in transforming power from AC to DC.

    • And now for the million dollar question: Why is this console so much bigger than the original?

    • For comparison purposes, we lined up the PSU from the PS4 Pro (left) and the original PS4 (right). While there's only an 74.2 g difference between the two units, the requisite heat pipe and fan add a bit more bulk to the Pro to wick away excess heat generated by the additional graphics power.

    Good design and quality Delta PSU.

    preziremprokletigugl - Antwoord

    The PS4 Pro incorporates an APU with a single GPU. There is no "additional" GPU

    Jordan Condipodero - Antwoord

    where would be the best spot to grab 5v (no standby) from the psu/mobo?

    sepiah37 - Antwoord

    anyone know the model/part# of the PSU internal power cable connectors (male & female)?

    Shane - Antwoord

    Is it 110 and 220 voltage???

    Faisal - Antwoord

    I love how somebody writing about tech on a tech repair website states that the ps4 pro has an additional gpu. But not its always been an apu with a cpu and GPU on the same die that sir or madam tells me you have no idea what you are talking about I was even messaging somebody else that has a tech repair/refurbish and general testing and what not channel on youtube and he didnt know that the noise coming from my ps4 was coil whine coming from an inductor now I just get online and look up everything myself and can now do his job better than him he was also very short with me but you know little man syndrome.

    Rodney Bronson - Antwoord

    I think this was just poor choice of words in the original teardown—it referred to the heat generated by all the additional graphics power, and didn’t literally mean there was a second GPU in there. But I can see why it sounded that way. (Then again, to be fair, this teardown was done the morning the system first launched, at which point there was still speculation about a possible mirrored GPU—so maybe the author was just having fun with the possibility, since no one outside Sony knew what the next steps in the teardown would reveal in that respect.) At any rate, Step 10 puts any doubts about a second GPU to rest. Meantime, I’ve updated the verbiage to eliminate any confusion on this step.

    Jeff Suovanen -

  8. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 9, afbeelding 1 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 9, afbeelding 2 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 9, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Thwarted by the lack of any more screw heads on the PSU-side of the PS4 Pro, we flip it back over and flip our attention to the the motherboard.

    • Burrowing through a layer of shielding behind the CPU reveals this cool X-shaped retaining bracket, similar to ones we found in another console.

    • And directly underneath it, we dig up a plastic-and-metal cover that looks to be the consumer electronics version of a pizza saver, protecting the back of the board from the heat sink retaining bracket.

    • Lifting the motherboard reveals a lot more thermal management. Highlights include a giant copper heat sink and dedicated pads for six chips on the motherboard.

    what is the size of that backplate X? i wanna mount an AIO watercooler. What size do i need?

    Davorii - Antwoord

    from what i read the mounting holes should have a distance of 60mm

    sepiah37 - Antwoord

    How about the orientation of backplate X?

    In my experience, in your picture is assembled reversed, in fact, if you reverse with center sphere against the protection plate, you will see screw mark on the corners…

    My PS4 pro have fan speed/loud problems (very fast and loud, 70db with Wolfenstein 2, the internet is full of people with this problem ) and i have solved replacing thermal paste and assembling backplate like your picture… i think this assembling way is more efficient with an optimal pressure distribution of cpu against heatsink, standard assembling put all pressure on the center of chipset but perimeter didn’t good match with heatsink.

    After this correction, my PS4 Pro (with Delta fan) reach 50db as maximum limit and high speed rotation period are less…

    I think it’s a very importat question and require an investigation, no one speak about this on internet.

    Davide - Antwoord

    I measured the mounting holes. It’s exactly 62mm.

    facebernd - Antwoord

    that x clamp is upside down.

    Stephanie Russell - Antwoord

  9. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 10, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Let's take a closer look at the front side of the motherboard:

    • SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.) CXD90044G SoC (includes AMD "Jaguar" Cores and AMD Radeon GPU)

    • Panasonic MN864729 HDMI transmitter

    • Samsung K4B4G0846E-BYK0 512 MB DDR3 SDRAM

    • Sony/Renesas R9J04G011FP1 I/O controller (likely)

    • Infineon (formerly International Rectifier) IR35218 PWM controller

    • Fairchild Semiconductor FDMF6840C 50 A power stage

    • Cypress CYUSB3312 USB 3.0 hub controller

    wheres the second GPU chip?

    xtphty xtphty - Antwoord

    there is none, just one chip (APU)

    sepiah37 - Antwoord

    Fairchild semiconductor use thermal pads?

    Charls - Antwoord

    @charls yes. if you look on the metal plate, there’s a thin metal strip that pads adhere too. i’ll be doing a breakdown this weekend to upgrade the paste and pads, but the pads on the fairchilds are different than the gddr5 pads. likely i’ll replace all of them with the fujipoly 17w/mk, assuming they are also 1mm, but the fairchild pads may already be a quality material

    Chris Stosberg - Antwoord

    Can't see storage ic, is there one?

    Or is it integrated to some other chip?

    Александр Масленников - Antwoord

    When others say it has a second GPU. It actually one GPU that has both the standard PS4 GPU/PS4 Pro GPU setup, it has the ability of been able too turn one or the other off, so it can mimic the stanard PS4 or function as the PS4 Pro


    Instead of using an entirely new GPU, Cerny said the PS4 Pro is using a "double-sized one." In effect, the new console has a second, identical GPU configured next to the original, with a 14 percent boost in frequency to 911MHz, which more than doubles the processing power of the Pro. While the standard PS4 produces 1.8 teraflops, the PS4 Pro achieves 4.2 teraflops.

    marty8370 - Antwoord

    what are those chips/caps/resistors? between the central apu chip (shiny plate) and the apu hold down (Metal edge)?

    Colin Hilbert - Antwoord

    Could somebody tell what type the rear USB port is pls.? I need to replace them on my console.

    Have opened the case, disassembled the board from it - sourcing now for that f*** port.

    THX in advance guys

    Christoph Reith - Antwoord

  10. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 11, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • And bringing up the rear:

    • 8 x Samsung K4G80325FB-HC28 8 GB GDDR5 (1 GB × 8 = 8 GB)

    • Sony J20H091 Wireless Communication module (Marvell Avastar 88W8897 underneath)

    • SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.) CXD90036G I/O controller (likely)

    • This is a Custom ASIC on Marvell's 88EC128-BNS2

    • Samsung K4B4G0846E-HC28 512 MB DDR3 RAM

    • Rohm BD7764MUV motor controller

    • Rohm BD9685 synchronous step-down switching regulator

    I would like to add an external Bluetooth antenna to this. I see the Sony J20H091 Wireless Communication module has 3 anntena connections on it, any idea what one is used for the Bluetooth?

    Jade Laybourne - Antwoord

    Thermal Silicone Pad what does it correspond to 0.5- 1.0- 1.5- 2.0 mm ?

    chisovalantis papamoiseos - Antwoord

  11. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 12, afbeelding 1 van 2 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 12, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • IC Identification, continued:

    • Sony A02-C0L2 secure microcontroller (likely)

    • Macronix MX25L25635FZ2I-10G 256 MB serial flash memory

    • ON Semiconductor CAT24C128WI−GT3 128 KB serial EEPROM memory

    • Richtek RT5069A power management

    • Texas Instruments TLV62090 3 A step-down converter

    • Richtek RT8237F synchronous buck PWM controller

    • Texas Instruments SN74AUC2G66 2-channel SPST analog switch

  12. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 13, afbeelding 1 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 13, afbeelding 2 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 13, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • The fan and optical drive seem almost within reach—and yet they're screwed in from the bottom, where a large heat pipe assembly keeps guard. However, we're not scared.

    • Okay, we lied—we're a little scared.

    • We manage to extract the heat pipe gear without serious injury, clearing our way to that spinny thing that blows air.

    • This Nidec fan is rated for 2.1 amps at 12 volts, or 25.2 watts. So that's where all that extra PSU power is going...

    How to disassemble this Nidec fan? Does the instruction exist?

    tvojangel2000 - Antwoord

    where can i buy it?

    tvojangel2000 - Antwoord

  13. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 14, afbeelding 1 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 14, afbeelding 2 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 14, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • We pluck out the optical drive, claw-game style.

    • We do some more clawing (and unscrewing) to get this beast open. We find:

    • A lot of springs.

    • A lens assembly on a track, with some sweet stabilization action.

    • And some sweet gears.

    where ist the power cable for the odd-drive? one of those ribbon cables? which one?

    sepiah37 - Antwoord

    • The optical drive's laser pickup assembly is ready for its closeup.

    • Remember to deactivate your lasers before poking them.

    • We use a little compressed air to move the pickup arm. It's super responsive and likely does a great job with skip protection.

    • Handy for gaming while 'froadin, or while living in California.

  14. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 16, afbeelding 1 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 16, afbeelding 2 van 3 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 16, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • With some determined prying, we remove this triple-decker PS4's middle tier. Turns out it's just a plastic frame, which we quickly pull away, revealing a final component or two.

    • This LED light guide catches light from the LEDs on the left-hand board, and also serves as the button covers for the mechanical switches on the two right-hand boards.

  15. PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 17, afbeelding 1 van 2 PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown: stap 17, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • PlayStation 4 Pro, deftly disassembled.

    • Miss the PS4 Slim teardown? Check out our speedrun video teardown on YouTube.

    • And because we love you, here's a bonus X-ray image of the PS4 Pro controller.

  16. Laatste gedachten
    • No adhesive makes disassembly and reassembly easy.
    • The non-proprietary hard drive is simple to access and upgrade/replace—and doing so will not void your warranty.
    • While you can freely clean the fan, removing it—and other components—requires lots of (warranty-voiding) disassembly.
    • Security screws and tamper-evident seals discourage users from disassembling and repairing their PS4.
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    (10 is gemakkelijkst te repareren)

73 opmerkingen

Can anyone confirm if the GPU in this Pro is actually a Radeon RX 480 put together with the Jaguar cores?

Kenneth Rodriguez - Antwoord

Its got 2304 cores so same as RX 480 but seeing as how they need to maintain compatibility id say the shaders aren't true GCN 4 like the 480 but still GCN1.1 like the original PS4.

Owen10578 -

i just bought a ps4 here in japan. i just want to know if can i use it in 220volts? thanks

nick -

Is the PS4 pro power supply a dual voltage

dejinas - Antwoord

Yes. When you zoom-in left picture in step 8, it says 100-240

TeaMu -

It is not "dual-voltage". It works in the range od 100V to 240V. You can use it with 176V, for example...

preziremprokletigugl -

This should also put to rest anyone who took Cerny's "mirrored GPU" comment too literally and thought there were two separate GPUs in there. Obviously it was meant to simplify doubling the compute units within one larger GPU.

tipoo - Antwoord

does the ps4 pro have heating issues because it runs hotter than the original ps4

mike - Antwoord

The ps4 pro heatsink is about twice the volume of the original ps4 heatsink. I've had no overheating issues even after playing for several hours.

Ben Shepherd -

Probably because it's overclcoked, drawing more power and thus more heat output.

Lionel -

Pls advise if PRO accepts 15mm thick HDD?

It would be great to upgrade to 4Tb.

Vadim Naliusnij - Antwoord

The maximum hight of the HD/SSD inside the caddy for the PS4 Pro is 9.5mm. There is no way a juicy 15mm 5 TB HD (or similarly large SSD) is going to fit inside there.

Squishy Tia -

You can likely get a 4TB in there being its so big . They said no way with the original OG thick ps4 and I did it in 30 -40 minutes start to finish with no cutting or drilling. Just finesse and patience. And a couple loosened screws. Just dump the drive caddy...and work that b*tch in steps...


Does the power supply not have a grounding pin? That seems like a serious oversight.

madsglahder - Antwoord

Any thoughts on replacing RAM as time goes by? I don't know much about computers anymore, and certainly not consoles.


Lionel - Antwoord

The RAM is soldered onto the motherboard. It is not user replaceable. Besides that, there are no GDDR5 modules for sale. They exist as FBGA packages only for OEM installation.

Squishy Tia -

By the way, I'm super excited about replacing the hard drive with an x400.

Does the old hard drive contain an operating system that needs to be transferred over? Or is this plug and play expandable memory?

Lionel - Antwoord

You can insert a brand new, unformatted drive and it will format the drive just fine. You will need to get the *FULL* firmware (~900 MB) from Sony's system update webpage, not the smaller delta update which is ~320 MB in size. Once the new drive is installed, you put the flash drive on the rear port (unless you have an ultra thin one that can fit into the obnoxiously recessed front ports), turn the PS4 Pro on, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Installation takes ~20 minutes for a fresh HD. Shave a few minutes off for SSDs.

Squishy Tia -

You're a legend. Thanks for your support mate!

Lionel -

Back in 2013, a lot of PS4 owners say the PS4 is to noisy. This was with the 90mm Delta with a motor with much smaller power consumption. The fan of the PS4 Pro is not much bigger in millimetres. But it can use about the double of power. This means the fan speed can go up much higher even the noise.

Would the people send the PS4 Pro back this time for the noise? Because it makes no sense. Lower fan noise with the same fan model means lower rotation speed too. And finally it means hotter chips and a higher risk of damage.

If you see the heatsink of the Pro and compare it to the normal PS4, you will see it is not much bigger than before. So you will need more airflow to cool the APU chip this time. The TDP is rising significant.

This thoughts are made in parallel with computer hardware and the cooling of this. An actual graphics card has a bigger heatsink than the PS4 Pro on the same TDP.

TheLOD2010 - Antwoord

I haven't noticed any more noise than the PS4 or the PS4 Slim. In fact, the only people I have ever heard complain about noise from fans on any PS were people that don't regularly clean/dust or vacuum. Last buddy that was complaining about noise from PS3 fan, when I opened it for him, it looked like it had hit a cat on the freeway going 60mph.

George Leon -

Sir I'm Vignesh from India i got ps4 pro in Japan in box it shows 100v. Can i use in india 220v or need step down transformer. please help me out.

Vignesh Asok - Antwoord

Vignesh, you don't need a step down transformer as it works on dual supply voltage, just get a conversion adaptor and you are sorted.

Varun Chand -

Did you try the Japanese model with 220V? I just happened to get one too, and I'm going to return the machine if it doesn't work outside Japan.

larpo -

Regarding the fan in the ps4pro, the genius of the removable top cover is that you can go topless , (lol)and not void the warranty, and place a screen guard over the fan opening thus allow alot more cooling air to flow over the Heatsink.

more air = less noise (generally)

the ps4pro at idle in a 20c room is whisper quiet.(and is quiet using it) So if you have the ps4pro in a hot room (80f) and you noticed that it was noisy, you could make the ps4pro topless and eliminate or reduce the noise.

GREAT thing is that going ps4pro topless does not void the warranty (no stickers to break)

I would not suggest doing this on a ps4slim, due all the wires the top covers.

The top cover does not "protect anything" meaning there is not any wire that can be snagged, unlike on a topless ps4slim.

Paul Summers - Antwoord

Actually, more air, more noise. That is always the case. I suspect you meant "the more free area, the less the noise". Velocity plays a bigger factor in mechanically generated noise than volume does, most of the time. Less restriction, more free area, means lower velocities, which means less noise.

You of course can also have harmonics & vibration issues , faster spinning motors usually present more sound & harmonics issues in general, however, that typically isn't an issue with these tiny motors.

George Leon -

A heavy rain burned the power supply of my PS4 Pro (with a week of use) through the ethernet cable. Where can I buy another font? What is the model of it?

jeanduarte2 - Antwoord

Mano, pela porta ethernet foi a placa mae tbm, triste mas já era

tjbelotti -

Hello everyone!

I am from India and I just bought a PS4 Pro from the US that I'm bringing back home to India in the next week.

Just like its predecessors, PS4 Pro also works on dual voltage supply (the packaging only mentions 100V, reason for many to get confused) so all I would be needing is a conversion adaptor for the power plug, no step down transformer needed.

Now, my QUESTION is, the power cord supplied with it is an "I-SHENG IS-14A 10A 125V 1250W".

Can I plug this 125V power cord to my 240V wall socket in India? Will it damage my PS4 or the cable in any way?

Also, the power supply doesn't have a grounding pin, will this pose any problems for me?

Varun Chand - Antwoord

Just buy a 240V rated cable. The 125V rated one, will work, and insulation will be more than sufficient. But you never know.

If the PSU does not have a ground pin, then what can you do. It will work, but if live touches some metal part of the case, that part will become live. And fuse will not activate.

Also, the power supply is not "dual voltage", because it does not only owrk with 2 different voltages. It works with wide range of voltages (for example fom 100V all the way to 240V, and everything in between). But it should say at what ranges of voltages it works.

preziremprokletigugl -

what this metal glossy thing above the power supply does?

onlysoab - Antwoord

Does the top cover of the console snaps off just buy pulling it up? no screws-hard drive nothing?

onlysoab - Antwoord

Yeah dude, I just opened up the top cover last night, it's not that easy you see on clips, to pull the top cover off the body, you will need more strength. Not easy but you will finally pull it off.

no screw, nothing, just your hand.

itsmeajtran -

i can reach the fan just by pulling up the above cover ? only that???

onlysoab - Antwoord

Look at Step 6...

It look like if you take off that metal plate, there's room for a 12mm or 15mm hard drive, if you also don't use the caddy. Just don't use that (seemingly useless) metal plate (or better yet, just trip off the area that would cover the hard drive).

So maybe 9.5mm HDD (currently, 2TB) is the limit for those who are not modders and respect warranty. But that's not those of us on this site!

William R - Antwoord

hi, I am jamil from Pakistan, I want to purchase ps4 pro, i need one clarification, in pakistan, most of the electronics devices are made in china, ps4 pro as well, Does chine assembled ps4 pro is equal in quality to other one like made in u.s or cananda etc

jamil ahmad - Antwoord

As far as I know all PS4’s worldwide are manufactured in China. China is the factory of the world now and everything is made there.

bismara -

Anyone have an idea how much power from the PSU the fan draws at peak load and if it was to draw more (replacement fan for example) cause issues?

Justin O'Grady - Antwoord

does the middle plastic tier cover have any screws or can just simply prying would do the trick? I would like to paint the covers, wouldn't want to disassembly the whole things other than the covers only.

mrshah19912 - Antwoord

Hi, would a PS4 Pro bought at the US work on a 220V ??? I am from URUGUAY, my brother in law is travelling to Miami next week. Thank you!

Martina Etcheverry - Antwoord


buyuliang - Antwoord

I'm just trying to figure out how this and xbox one s gets an 8 when the switch gets an 8 but is so much simpler.

Matt - Antwoord

They each have their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of repairability. A user-replaceable hard drive with a standard/non-proprietary form factor is a huge plus though. All three devices use some form of tamper-resistant sticker or screw to discourage you from opening them up—but once you're past that, they are all straightforward to disassemble and reassemble with zero damage. No doubt if this were a 100-point scale you'd see slightly different scores, but on a simple 10-point scale they're all roughly an 8. ;)

Jeff Suovanen -

where can I buy ps4 pro internal fun???

tvojangel2000 - Antwoord

I purchased and have been using the T9 tamper proof screwdriver for my first ps4 and it fits perfectly. I haven't taken apart a pro yet but my question is did they change the screws to T8 like the ps3s. Thanks in advance.

KcXbox Repair - Antwoord

We used a T8 for the teardown. Probably worth having both in your toolkit if you like to tinker though. ;)

Jeff Suovanen -

I just bought this PS4 Pro same one that you're tearing apart brand new in box I was able to play one day today I got up to play and it won't come on I push the button it beeps then it shuts right back off I can't hold the button down and make it go in safe mode it just doesn't do anything there either help me please I was so excited to get this now regretting it and wishing I had a got a Xbox instead

Becky Graham - Antwoord


I'm looking to purchase a pro to replace my old Ps4.

I moded mine with an external antenna so I can use it in any room in my house. Am I able to do this on the Ps4 Pro? On the wireless chip I see three antenna connects what one is used for the Bluetooth?

Jade Laybourne - Antwoord

I need to replace the laser lens of my PS4 Pro model CUH - 7016B. Can you tell me which laser lens do I get for it?

gerta - Antwoord

I’m interested in changing/improving the heatsink/radiator.

1. Add a “copper shim” between processor and heatsink with one drop MX4 on both sides.

2. Build out the heatsink/radiator with parts from a PC processor heatsink/radiator. Aliexpress and similar has a lot of radiators

Has anyone tried customizing their heatsink in this way? Or just taking off the PS4 top lid and install a PC tower heatsink on top? (would be full of dust if not covered though)

Peter Johansson - Antwoord

Peter, have u swap to any heatsink? I have a wraith cooler stealth lying around, thinking if its a good idea to swap from standard.

Airil Adniruddin -

Currently investigating the benefits of placing alu things (2.5” HDD case or an intel cpu cooler heatsink) on top of the PSU heatsink which is the shiny metal plate visible after taking off the top cover.

the psu heatsink gets really hot and I think it would benefit to put a proper heatsink on top of it + fan on the back of the ps4 (where the connections are)

Peter Johansson - Antwoord

How much space is there between top lid and PSU top?

I’m sure the metal shield on top is a heatsink for the PSU and I would like to add 5mm height PCB heatsinks to it. Even if it doesn’t fit I will cut a large hole in the back of the top cover, and just add a washable dustfilter. I still think an extra fan should be in the back but it could be on top too.


Peter Johansson - Antwoord

Just teared my Ps 4 Pro like you said and i found out that the chip was burned and i have to buy a new one. Thanks for you guide again.

Pizza and Kebab Cheff Arad - Antwoord

So the bluray is just a standard one and not 4k bluray?

epiq pwnage - Antwoord

So it is just a standard bluray drive and not a 4k bd drive?

epiq pwnage - Antwoord

yes, standard blu-ray drive. PS4 Pro (and all the other PS4’s) can only read 1080p Blu Ray’s

bismara -

I have a wraith cooler stealth, leftover from my pc build. Do u think if i swap the heatsink and fan from standard to this, itll be cooler? Seems like the oem heatsink is pretty big already on the pspro.

Airil Adniruddin - Antwoord

I need to tear mine down to re-apply new thermal paste, it’s super loud. Any recommendations on paste?

Vincent Magallon - Antwoord


My PS pros power supply needs to be changed . But having trouble finding the part. The part number is ADP-FR300.

Now I've had no success in finding it anywhere but have found a ADP-CR300 can I use that one or does anyone know where I can purchase the original. Many thanks

bernadette - Antwoord

Where’s the wifi antenna?

Sabrina - Antwoord

What a God awful teardown you guys constantly skip steps I have no idea how you even exist as a business

John Daugherty-Stone - Antwoord

why in my ps4 indicate that 100v-3.0A 50/60hz

can i use this on 220?i buy it in japan.but i use it in philippines

jomari reyes - Antwoord

Yes, you can use with 220v,have dual voltage.

dantederrico - Antwoord

Hi, i open my ps4 pro to cleaning the read disk and when i open it, i find a black spring together of the supply power, you can tell me where go this spring??


Please help!!

Many thanks!!

Roberto Waly - Antwoord

Thanks for aswer, but that one is different disk reader, i see that but in ps4 pro not it the same.

Roberto Waly - Antwoord

Hi, can i clean the heat sink of my ps4 pro without having to take off the warranty stickers? Like can it be cleaned by taking the top off and making my way down?

Kaylem W - Antwoord

someone know where I can get those Flat cables from the motherboard (all of them)

Fehgalinha - Antwoord


I am a technician ,I have a ps4 pro serie 7000 ,and i found 2 resistor(R84,R58) exploded there i can’t read the value,

I tryed to compare value with ps4 serie 1000,icould not reach.

I am very appreciete if you can help me .

best regard

maamoon hatini - Antwoord

Nice vid and step by step guide. I took the top cover off like I have in the past, I removed the hdd cover and drive. I didn't want to pry on the plastic piece that sits under the piece of metal (it's the metal piece directly under the top cover and is held in place by two longer chrome colored security torx bit screws). I decided to put back together but of course I have one small black screw left over. It's not one under the warranty seals (I only removed one of those). I'd like an exploded view of where the external tamper/security screws go. I tried following the vid but it didn't show them all and was kinda fast. Do you know where all the silverish and small black security torx screws go? I don't like having leftover screws. Hind sight is 20/20 but I wish I took pics of before and after for every screw location and color. If you have a link or exploded pic I'd appreciate it. Email is Thanks.

Daniel Kelley - Antwoord

Maybe you can look to the repair guides on PlayStation 4 Pro Repair to help you find every screw location.

Daniele Carminati -

Does anyone have a diagram sheet of the screws with their locations?

Muppet Rathbun - Antwoord

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