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In this tutorial, I will show you how to disassemble the Nokia 3210.

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  1. Remove Battery cover, battery and SIM Card.
    • Remove Battery cover, battery and SIM Card.

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  2. Remove the antenna with your fingers.
    • Remove the antenna with your fingers.

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    • Remove these screws. These are Torx T6. You'll need this screwdriver to remove them.

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    • If you remove the plate, you can see the Motherboard. Remove the Motherboard with a small flathead screwdriver or a spudger. (A spudger is recommended).

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    • Here's the PCB with removed EMI shields.

    • CCONT NMP70467 Power Management IC

    • NMP0581 Power Supply IC

    • BGY252 and BGY 262 UHF Amplifier

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    • Other side of the PCB.

    • Hitachi HWYN202A 900MHz Duplexer

    • Intel F160B3TA Flash

    • Atmel 24C128 EPROM

    • Samsung KM68U1000 SRAM

    • Buzzer MZT-03C

    • Texas Instruments MAD2PRI Microcontroller (ARM Based)

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    • Disassembly Completed!

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