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2.4GHz wireless frequency
  • 2.4GHz wireless frequency

  • Max. control range: 30 meters

  • IR remote range: 10 meters

  • Built-in 500mAh battery

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There is no screws. I have opened remote only by hands by bendig edges
  • There is no screws. I have opened remote only by hands by bendig edges

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  • OK! let see what parts we have inside

  • nRF24LE1 - Ultra-low Power Wireless System On-Chip Solution

  • ADXL345 - small, thin, ultralow power, 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurement at up to ±16g

  • Two XV - 3700CB Ultra miniature size gyro sensor with high stability double output

  • IR TX diode

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  • More parts

  • JTAG ?

  • Mini-USB port - as far as I know can be used only to charging

  • 500mAh battery

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  • USB Receiver

  • nRF24LU1 - Single Chip 2.4 GHz Transceiver with USB Microcontroller and OTP Memory

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Super! Thank you

nisko84 - Antwoord

I Need to buy an IR replacement, could you please help me?

it is strange to me that you says it has a TX IR Diode, when the remote can also receive IR to "clone" the Signal from another remote.


Jose Manuel Peinado Navarro - Antwoord

it does not learn codes from Panasonic tvs (i tested) and from denon as i read here.

drdedus - Antwoord

Confirm not work with Panasonic TV

Aurel Enache -

I dropped the remote accidentally, now only works with the mini usb plugged in. any idea where and what to look for?


Amine Elsemine - Antwoord

Just had exact same issue that brought me here looking for disasembly how to. Only worked plugged in. Opened it up and glad to say its now fixed. My positive battery wire had broken off. Resoldered and tested. So far so good

legerrej -

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