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Mac Pro Early 2009 8 Core.

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  1. I took the Mac Pro Apart.
    • I took the Mac Pro Apart.

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  2. added the PSU
    • added the PSU

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    • added the backplane board

    I believe the image in step 3 is the graphics card and not the backplane.

    tpisellijr - Antwoord

    yeah this is the graphics card.

    Ssamydla - Antwoord

    • Front Panel Board

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    • Here you can see the LEDs of the Mac Pros, and the DIAG_LED bottom

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    • The front panel board to backplane board cable

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    • another view of the front panel board

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    • Another view of the backplane board

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    • BackPlane Board and frontPanel Board linked by FrontPanel Board to BackPlane Board cable

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    • Bluetooth antenna connected to the card on the Backplane board. One needs to be careful because if not connected the Antenna needs to be attached in order not to short-circuit the backpanel board.

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    • A view of the PCI Slots on the Mac Pro Early 2009

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    • Optical Drive Cables on BackPlane Board.

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    • A view of the power button that needs to be connected on the front panel board.

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    • Processor Cage

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    • Left Fan in processor cage with speaker.

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    • right fan in processor cage. Remember, two clips to take the a fan apart. Top and Bottom.

    What size are the fans?

    Luis Trejjo - Antwoord

    • Unit with, PSU, BackPlane Board, Front Panel Board.

    At this point, will it start power up? with only PSU and Boards.

    I'm trying to troubleshoot 2010 PSU/Processor issue.

    Ssamydla - Antwoord

    • Small parts that cover the PSU and Super Drive cables.

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    • Processor heatsinks 8 Core

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    • Processor Heatsink 4 core

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    • We can really see the difference between the 8 core and 4 core.

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    • Processor Cage & Left and right Speakers.

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    • A nice view of processor board 8 core.

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    • CPU B of the processor Board.

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    • CPU A of Processor Board.

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    • Processor & HeatSink

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    • RAID Card for Mac Pro Early 2009

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    • Graphic Card

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    • Fibre Channel Card

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    • Finally the machine is rebuilt

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I have Mac Pro 5,1 intel Xeon W3565 at 3.2 GHz Quad-Core.

It is easy to upgrade in W3565 at 3.33 GHz 6-Core ???

Any intel Xeon W3565 fit in my Mac Pro ?

What CPU sockets supported for ?

Thank you,


StefMacGR - Antwoord

It is socket-b(LGA 1366)

I think it is easy to upgrade your CPU

sendercustom - Antwoord

It should be easy to upgrade a single-cpu Pro, they use standard lidded Xeons. I am planning on upgrading to W3690s in a couple of 4,1 machines that have had their firmware flashed to 5,1.

tobiasboyd - Antwoord

Please let me know how you handle that upgrade!! Or add a tutorial id vey much like to see that and maybe follow suit but im not very savy with these upgrades

Will -

Is it possible to easily remove and service right processor fan (the back one)? It makes too much noise, so needs some oil apparently. I didn't find any way to remove it.

Andriy Tevelyev - Antwoord

I replaced sockets in motherboard 820-2336-А and lose two resistors R5400 and R3613.Prompt please resistors face values.Thanks!

fpiteful - Antwoord

Is it possible to replace the fans with quieter fans?

Patrick van Bavel - Antwoord

I have acquired a MacPro 4,1 from my friend who no longer needed it and couldn't get it working anyway. The weirdest thing is none of the internal drives show up, not even when booting off an external OS drive, and the ethernet ports as well. Everything else seems to work, installed a fresh copy of El Capitan on an external and all works but these two items. Makes me believe that there may be a disconnected or bad cable to the backplane but I am having a hard time finding the info online and any pictures on what to look for. Any ideas or suggestions?

Allen Berrebbi - Antwoord

Hello barrebbi, I just had the same problem happen to me the macpro was working well and all of the sudden the drives disappear and the internet connection was gonne too . I try to unplug everything and do a pram clean and nothing, the next thing I will do is run the ahd diagnose utility for this computer. what I am missing is the internal drivers the 4 internal sata’s but the optical drives are working fine, also I lost the wifi, ethernet and the optical audio port. the external audio is fine. I was browsing online nothing really taxing for the computer. if I cannot fix it I will install a pci usb 3 port to run external drives and a usb3 to ethernet port to get the network and internet back and a usb bluetooth dongle. If anyone can help or guide us to find a solution I will great appreciated. Berrebbi if you find anything please advice I will do so too. Thanks in advance.

Titaniumark -

Sorry, I have not been able to get an answer yet. And for some reason, this model won’t upgrade bootcamp to Windows 10 (or 8) either, black screen. I’ve updated older models but not this one.

Allen Berrebbi - Antwoord

Missing connection of HDD bays and, more importantly, the connections between the HDD bays and the logic board.

Konrad Skeri Ekblad - Antwoord

Still haven’t figured it out yet

Allen Berrebbi - Antwoord

I’m lost as to why this is titled as a “Teardown” when it is in fact an “Assembly”…

Chatbox - Antwoord

Is the Bluetooth connector on the motherboard a standard USB single port [Vcc, D-, D+, GND] connector ?

dan.streaman - Antwoord

Nope, there’s a picture in step 10- I think it’s a PCI-E connector of some type. Definitely not USB though.

Josh Calvetti -

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