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University Tear Down of the LG KF700 by Richard 'Bootstrap Bill' Turner, Estyn 'Indiana' Jones, David 'Adolf' Hilliker and Elani 'Cupov' Kafa!

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  1. The KF700 before the teardown.
    • The KF700 before the teardown.

  2. Two plastic clips removed to show the screw heads on the back of the phone.
    • Two plastic clips removed to show the screw heads on the back of the phone.

    • Back panel and battery removed.

    • Two screws found under the plastic clips removed as well as another four screws found around the battery.

    • Removing the screws allows you to access the heart of the phone. All the circuitry is housed neatly at the bottom end of the phone.

    • The scrowl wheel is a simple variable resistor, so is easy to detatch, simply unscrew the small screws holding it to the main body of the phone.

    • This is all the componets that should have been detatched from the phone thus far.

    • The flash is the next piece to be taken out. It is attatched with some circuit wiring, simply unplug the wiring and the flash pops out of the casing.

    • All the circuit boards are attatched with wiring which makes it hard to remove all the components without damaged to the phone. To remove properly you need to remove to solder holding the wiring to other componets, or you can just cut the wires.

    • The boards are held down with small screws, simply remove the scres to access the underside of the circuit boards.

    • This shows the detatching of the circuits and all the componets that should be removed.

    • The key pad is taken out and is an idepandant part. It is easily removed thanks to the snap fits securing it in the phone.

    • Next the back plate is separated in two pieces so the sliding mechanism can be accessed.

    • Unscrew the 5 small screws and detatch the two plates.

    • This is how the other half of the phone should look. This part contains the sliding mechanism used to hide the keypad.

    • Make sure the metal slider is not pushed up and partially sticking out of the phone.

    • Then unscrew the single screw in the centre of the slider.

    • From underneath the slider, the small spastic spring should be easily unclipped and so too should the slider.

    • With the slider removed the metal backing to the screen can be slowly clicked out.

    • Be careful to slowly disconnect the wires that are attached to the back of the metal backing and the inside of the screen.

    • The actual screen will then clip out of the plastic casing protecting it.

    • Finally the screen being made up of several layers can also be separated.

    • Unhook the final chip carefully to allow a protecting layer to be removed.

    • Then slowly pull the chip off itself and the four layers will then be easily separated with a steady hand and a small pair of tweezers.

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