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Deze demontage is geen reparatiehandleiding. Om je Google Pixel 3 te repareren, gebruik onze reparatiehandleidingen.

  1. Google Pixel 3 Teardown, Google Pixel 3 Teardown: stap 1, afbeelding 1 van 2 Google Pixel 3 Teardown, Google Pixel 3 Teardown: stap 1, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Teardown Update: After finding a Samsung-made OLED display in the larger Pixel 3 XL, we dissected the display in our vanilla Pixel 3. Surprise—it's from LG Display!

    • This is a full reversal from the situation last year, when the Pixel 2 got a Samsung panel and its bigger sibling had a display from LG.

    • Rumor has it LG has been working hard to improve its OLED mobile technology—we're curious to see how their new display fares this year!

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    • The only screws are standard T3 Torx fasteners.
    • Repair-friendly stretch-release adhesive secures the battery.
    • O-rings and adhesives for waterproofing complicate repairs, but make difficult liquid damage repairs less likely.
    • Display repairs are much more difficult than previous models, requiring complete disassembly of the phone.
    • To service any component, you'll have to painstakingly un-glue (and later re-glue) the glass rear panel.
    • Front and back glass means increased vulnerability to drop damage.
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15 opmerkingen

Is the pixel 3 display supplied by Samsung like the pixel 3 xl?

Max Ulloa - Antwoord

I’m sure they would have mentioned if it was not.

Milan Cosovic -

Sorry for the delay! The Pixel 3 model we got actually had a LG display! We’ve updated the teardown to reflect this.

Arthur Shi -

The Pixel 3 and 3XL phones have LG's POLED displays

madgear2707 -

Can you share the manufacturer of the display?

John Huffaker - Antwoord

Samsung it is

Reza Hashimi -

Sorry for the delay! The Pixel 3 model we got actually had a LG display! We have updated our teardowns to reflect this.

Arthur Shi -

In person at a Verizon store the pixel 3xl colors are almost identical to note 9. But the 3 colors are off. Tested 3 locations same result. Not sure if the demo modes are using different saturation or not.

Brian Schumaker - Antwoord

The loudspeakers or Pixel 3 are the same (or at least have same Power) or Pixel 3XL?

Arthur Schnitzler - Antwoord

I noticed it was little louder toward the bottom of the xl. Like your a bit off center when watching a video.

Brian Schumaker -

Is there no proximity sensor?

C SUN - Antwoord

Do you really have to completely tear down the device to replace the screen? Seems like the locations of the connectors wouldn’t necessarily require you to take out the motherboard if you’re just going to be pulling the screen off of the frame, but it’s hard to tell from this tear-down.

FixNcell Phone Repair - Antwoord

I second, what FixNcell Phone Repair wrote: How exactly do I seperate the display from the frame? The Teardown video doesn’t show that. I assume that I have to heat up the screen and work my way through some adhesive…? Haven’t found a video where that part is shown.

Georg Bill - Antwoord

Would i be able install more RAM onto the board?

Roman Baca - Antwoord

I want to replace wifi/Bluetooth module in pixel 3xl, does pixel 3 boad have the same wifi/Bluetooth module as pixel 3xl?

Dr. Abdullah Aurangzaib - AAZ - Antwoord

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