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  1. GooGo Teardown, GooGo Teardown: stap 1, afbeelding 1 van 2 GooGo Teardown, GooGo Teardown: stap 1, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Opening the device by simply separating the two halves with a plastic prying tool.

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jerome cintas

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I cant see where the camera is, is it a lense focusing onto a ccd on the motherboard???

Steve Rock - Antwoord

Hi Jerome,

There is a small brass thread on the side of the Googo Camera,

Do you know what it is for.

many Thanks Dave Gould

David Gould - Antwoord

hi .. if there a place to solder in a more powerful antenna, would that even help?

sadstory - Antwoord

Do you know how to reset the password of the camera by hardware?

Hugo Uchida Frausto - Antwoord

My phone is showing error in camera can't be opened

Sib Gat - Antwoord

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