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This is a teardown of the USB and Bluetooth PCI card. We got the USB + Bluetooth - PCI at night of April 5, 2010. Updates? Follow iFixit at twitter.

Deze demontage is geen reparatiehandleiding. Om je Dual USB Connector te repareren, gebruik onze reparatiehandleidingen.

  1. The USB and Bluetooth PCI card.
    • The USB and Bluetooth PCI card.

    • Connectors (black and blue).

    • PCI card itself.

    • Use a Phillips #1 screwdriver to remove the four screws from the white casing and the two screws from the metal bar (and keep track of the location of these screws).

      • The solder on the bottom can cut skin!

        • The four LED lights. flash when usage.

        • The two USB ports are High Speed.

    • Raise the three connectors from the case and it's out!

      • Connectors 1, 2, and 3

      • USB ports 1 and 2

      • LED lights


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