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This guide will show how to take apart this PC.

    • Put on your anti static wrist strap on either your wrist or ankle.

    • It is a good idea to have a part tray to put any screws that you may pull out.

    • Pull on the top latch releasing it from the case.

    • Unplug the Black and Red Wire from the switch on the edge of the case that sees if the cover is on

    • If you forget to push the thing on the wire that keeps it in and the whole piece comes out, remove the bottom half and place it back where it came from.

    • UnPlug the two cables coming out of the hard drive

    • Pull the blue piece of plastic towards the bottom of the pc then lift the hard drive out

    • If you want, you can remove the black cable going into the motherboard

    • Pull up on the three tabs, then pull the front bezel off

    • Follow the same steps in step 4 but you pull the plastic piece up and slide the drive out of the case

    • Pull on the white or black tabs on both sides of the ram and then remove by lifting from the sides.

    • Use a PH2 screwdriver to remove the screw holding the front io in. Then push towards the screw that you just removed

    • Unplug the cable that says "Front USB" from the motherboard and also pull out the cable that says "Front Cable"

    • This will require some forse

    • Pull the top flap off and then squish the two prongs in so then you can pull the sensor off. You will need to unplug the cable which is located near the "Front Panel" cable

    • You can leave the fan there if you do not want to undo the cable management to fully remove it.

    • If you need me to add more steps, please contact me by asking a question and i will do my best to add it.

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