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The Dell latitude D620 was introduced in March 2006. Both the first MacBook Pro and this Dell Latitude D620 have the same Intel Core Duo T2300E. Like the first MacBook, they both have Intel's GMA 950 Integrated Graphics.

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  1. Open the laptop's screen 180 Degrees so it is straight back.
    • Open the laptop's screen 180 Degrees so it is straight back.

    • Use a flat head screwdriver or a spudger to pry the top bezel off. WOrk it side to side until the bezel is freed from the chassis, exposing 3 screws

  2. Remove the 3 Phillips screws securing the keyboard.
    • Remove the 3 Phillips screws securing the keyboard.

      • Just remember to keep your screws organized! It will make everything much easier.

    • Use your fingers to carefully lift up the keyboard. Refer to the first picture for guidance.

    • Carefully pull the keyboard upwards toward the LCD screen so it can be released from the bottom tabs.

    • Carefully lift the keyboard so the keys are resting on the palmrest, this will expose the ribbons for the keyboard, trackpad and Tracking Nub.

    • Insert a small flat head screwdriver or a spudger into the small notch in between holding down the ribbon.

    • Grab the metal bar on top of the keyboard connector and pull straight up. The cable should come free.

    • Grab the top of the display connector and pull it straight up and out.

      • This connector requires a little more force than the others, so it may take some effort.

    • Use a tool or your fingers to gently remove the antenna cables from the wireless card.

    • Pull back the clips by the antenna connectors, and the card should rise up on its own. Gently remove the card from its socket.

    • Not all devices have a WWAN Card, so most people can skip this step.

    • Using similar procedures as the WLAN, disconnect the single antenna cable, push the rear clips back and remove the card.

    • Close the laptop screen completely, make sure it clips in place.

      • Make sure no cables or parts get caught in the hinge.

    • The bottom screw is labeled with D, remove it.

    • The screw on the rear is not labeled, remove it as well.

      • Rinse and repeat for both sides of the laptop.

    • Very, VERY carefully open up the screen so it is at a 90° angle with the palmrest.

    • Pull it straight up, making sure all cables are free of their routing ares.

    • Remove all of the remaining screws on the laptop with a Phillips screwdriver.

    • There are screws on the top under the keyboard as well, remove those.

      • All of the screws with a P by them means they secure the palmrest. This will help you keep organized.

    • Seperate the palmrest from the device, starting from the back by sliding it forward and pulling it most of the way off.

      • Don't remove it completely, there is still one connector attached.

    • Pull the trackpad connector straight out of the motherboard.

      • Don't pull on it by the cables, grab as close to the socket as you can.

    • With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the 4 screws on the heatsink, in order of the numbers of the metal.

      • Loosening the screws out of order can be damaging.

    • Grab the heatsink and remove it, it may require force.

    • There is still thermal paste and a thermal pad attached.

    • Clean the remaining thermal compound off of the CPU. Remove the thermal pad if it is still stuck to the GPU.

    • Several more photos of the Intel Core Duo.

    • Gently turn the screw above the socket and lift the CPU out.

      • The End!

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Seems like it would make a perfect "Hackintosh."

Chris Green - Antwoord

Citaat van Chris Green:

Seems like it would make a perfect "Hackintosh."

Yes. It does indeed. I've been using it as a hackintosh sense early February. I had Mac OSX 10.6.2 on it, even before I performed this tear down. I was able to use software updater to go strait from 10.6.0 to 10.6.2. Skipping 10.6.1. I've only had a few kernel panics. I've even been using the iPhone SDK. It is a very stable hackintosh. The GMA 950 can even play The SIms 3 w/o any issues.

Nicholas Ouimet - Antwoord

Fantastic guide!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to create it!

Steve Weinrich - Antwoord

There is a little flat, white, Multi-wire connector in the upper-left corner.

I suspect that this is where the optional Bluetooth module would be located, can anyone confirm this?


Tim D.

Tim downing - Antwoord

Yes, the flat white connector on the left side above the keyboard is for the optional bluetooth connector. It interfaces via USB.

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